OGE Training with Bryan Everett

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Today I was blessed to do some escrima training with @ganjafarmer and Bryan Everett, who is a master in Original Giron Escrima. It was at the Jurgen park, in Tualatin, OR. WE had a great time. We did some warm-ups then some drills. I love how all the movements you need are broken down into the warm ups. I think that it's quality time spent, giving it a good focus. I like to think that I'm savoring the moves, taking my time, like enjoying a good drink. I even got to pull out the LEDSabers and do a little counter for counter training there. I want to thank @ganjafarmer for introducing me to Bryan and of course for taking the pictures too!
I want to thank Bryan for his time, I got a lot out of this session, and I really appreciate his skill at his art. It was an honor to pray with him.






On another topic, I like to use a cannabis salve after my workouts. I have some disabilities, or alterabilities as some of my friends and wife like to say. Well it makes for a lot of extra noises these days. I think cannabis is a great help. I'm very thankful for nature's magic.



Phenomenal work.

It's Brian Everett... Lmao...

Get pics at saberforge!

Hola @churchoftheway.
Que bueno que dediques un poco de tiempo a estás actividades, creo que esto hace que liberes energías negativas y recargas tus vibras, de paso haces un poco de ejercicio y aprendes nuevas cosas.

Me ha invitado mi nuevo amigo @ganjafarmer a tu perfil y espero podamos forjar una linda amistad. Por ahí he dejado mi voto y compartir tu publicación, tal vez no es mucho pero tal vez te ayude. Espero tengas un lindo fin de semana y te envío un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi @churchoftheway.
It's good that you dedicate a little time to these activities, I think this makes you release negative energies and recharge your vibes, while you do a little exercise and learn new things.

My new friend @ganjafarmer has invited me to your profile and I hope we can forge a nice friendship. Over there I have left my vote and share your publication, maybe it is not much but maybe it will help you. I hope you have a nice weekend and I send you a hug from Colombia.

That park looks really nice, I would take my kids there all the time if I live there, haha. So you just rub this ointment on your aches? Not to familiar with Salves, or topicals.

Yep it's a topical. Thank you

This particular salve I got from @ganjafarmer. But generally I rely on slavles and topicals for quicker long lasting attention as opposed to letting it get around to helping when I take anything orally. It really helps me rest and relax the problem areas directly. Also I like essential oils for thus purpose as well.

Yep what he said. Awesome work! And caring for yourself is very important.

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