Cannabis noob - My first try with growing cannabis at home

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My wife has suffered from lupus for the past 5 years or so and has been treated with herbals and acupuncture with OK results. I decided to try growing some high(er) CBD cannabis to see if that helps as she had tried some CBD and generic "weed" which seemed to be beneficial. Plus my back and hips are beginning to get a lot of aches and stiffness with my years so hoping that it will help me as well.

My seeds arrived in their little container. Nice to get an extra thrown in. Hopefully germination will be high for them although I won't grow them all at once.

Soaking the seed (decided to go with one to start so any mistakes or failure will be minor). Used distilled water and soaked for about 15 hours.

2 days later the seed coat has been shed and a nice healthy taproot growing. Soon will be time to plant in soiless mix.

Seedling has been planted earlier and now has emerged and just beginning to show the first tiny true leaves.

About a week in and a little seedling happily at home. Using a couple of LED grow lights as it's hard to give it good natural sunlight here in my RV in late Autumn.

Now about 2 weeks since my seeds arrived my plant starting to get it's legs and hopefully sustained and healthy growth.

The CB Dutch Treat is supposedly a 2:1 CBD/THC and is suited for us beginner cannabis growers (I've been a home gardener since childhood but not much garden space in my RV). I'll see how green my thumbs are and move up with better varieties with experience.
Wish me luck.

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You ever need some advice, the Canna Discord has some growers who are always eager to! The looks of it your doing a fine job already. !BEER


Hey @ultratrain, here is a little bit of BEER from @jonyoudyer for you. Enjoy it!

Deep thoughts: I wonder how recovering alcoholics feel when receiving unsolicited 'beer'?

Awesome! you should document this whole process :)
What is a good resource to learn this?

I'll probably do updates if it works out well. Not sure of the best resources but I've downloaded some cannabis grow/cultivation guides and just search through different sites right now. If I find interesting articles I've been copying them into a folder on my PC. It's really a learning process for me so if I can read experiences of others here on Steem and other forums then hopefully I'll avoid silly mistakes.

Cool, I'd love that. Yes, I've looking through a few guides for sure and will be looking into trying a few things. Thanks for posting.

If you do an update on your plants, feel free to link me! My feed is 'allergic' to actific posts, no offense meant!
If you need any help with issues that crop up please let me know.

Thanks. I'm following your work and it's always great to see how others have faired.

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Should do well looks good so far. good luck with your medicine.

Thanks. Nice that the daytime weather is still mild and sunny for me to get them outdoors for real sun.

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