Blue Dream Closet Grow

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Pictures taken yesterday, 2 clones about 45 days old... I think. tried diff lighting for the sake of the picture




I bought a couple of 5 gal fabric pots and used up the last of Happy Frog soil. Then I mixed in about a cup of azomite in each pot and all I gave them was water (tap water that's sat out for a couple of days) for the first 3 weeks. I wanted to give them a chance to adapt to their new soil

I've only added nutrients once so far, liquid karma and botanicare grow.

I topped both plants once and that's all the training I'm going to do this time, don't trust my expertise in that area.

This closet is in the room where I use the computer.... I must look at those plants 50 times a day...

Lighting is on an 18 / 6 schedule. IDK if it's true but I read that some darkness will allow the thc to strengthen, anyway it seems more .. natural. I've been smoking since woodstock but it's been illegal all this time and I didn't really educate myself on growing it.

This is my second grow. The first grow was a learning experience and I got help from @ELAmental and @jonyoudyer , thanks guys.

Trying hard to keep this simple, we'll see, things seem to get complicated all by themselves sometimes. lol

When I can buy an ounce of shake for $40 .. btw.. .is shake not as good or why would anyone buy the same strain and 4 times the price. I have to be missing some info here. - doesn't make sense to spend too much on growing it

and the estimated thc varies greatly within the same strain.... seems a bit helter skelter

I don't know :) but I like seeing things grow and it's just a good time

oh, almost forgot...

Epstein didn't kill himself


As far as having the plant on an 18/ schedule, like Jon said it really saves on electric, while only decreasing total yield by a small amount (theoretically)

Weed can photosynthesize 24 hrs a day technically, although this is not possible in nature, since the type of photosynthesis pathway it performs does not require a rest cycle for respiration (unlike pineapples for example which do).

Also the reason why you get shake for cheaper than buds is because the potency of buds is higher. I agree that it makes no sense to spend 4 times as much for nugs vs the shake from the same shit, just like to me it makes no sense to spend 4X as much on premium booze vs the cheap stuff.

Your plants look great by the way and I wouldn't top them more than once myself especially considering how bushy Blue Dream is as a sativa dom strain.

Interesting, thanks for the reply. I've asked about shake vs flower at several dispensaries and no one has told me that the flower is more potent although I suspected it was something like that and you've confirmed it.
one question off the plate :)
I didn't realize that blue dream was a bushy strain but that's perfect for my space. I rotate the pots for light distribution. Sometimes I play nature sounds for them.

As far as the lighting debate I found this to back up my stance:

" People need rest, so plants must too. This is false as well. Light means growth. Scientifically. Although 18/6 will shock your plants less when you switch to 12/12, it's a personal choice whether you would rather sacrifice a little growth for a quicker adjustment or less photo confusion. If you want to save money or energy that's a personal choice too. Do what you need to do to make your growing scenario work."

"The Calvin cycle which most people refer to as the "dark stage" happens during the light stage in the same amount as it does during the dark stage in Weed(class C3) so Scientifically Marijuana does not need the dark and will "yield" more as long as there is sufficient H20 and food to accommodate the photosynthesis during the long light hours. class C4 plants are like humans in which they need rest but class C3 plants(Cannabis) do not. They will thrive as long as they get light, food, water etc. They will not get tired and need to sleep or rest. The only thing the dark time will do is stretch the plant and stop it from photosynthesizing and gathering of C02.

Stick with 24/0 your plant will thank you. It will be more compact with stocky buds and less node spacing." Source-

Key points:

  • Marijuana uses a type of photosynthesis that does not require a dark period... therefore more light =more growth
  • Higher nighttime temperatures actually shorten internodal distance, resulting in more compact buds and less stem.
  • Too high of daytime temperatures (90+ F) will result in slowed growth, due to stomata closure, and this will stunt plants. Turning off lights allows a cooling period in this case and maximize growth.

here is another article that gets more in depth with the science behind the photosynthesis:

You are going to need to clean up the extra growth from the bottom of those Blue dream plants if you want it to get a better yield with more solid colas :P Wait until right before you go into flower to do this and "Lolipop" your plant a little by removing extra growth from the lower branches- helps airflow and bud quality... saves trim time too!

Oh wow this guy is not afraid of sativa! Lol looking good man. I dont know about the 18/6 strethenging the thc, but i do know its easier for the electric bill, lol. Keep up the good work.

thanks and thanks for your advice

So great to see you on the cannabis and weedcash tag!

Thanks, knew I forgot something.. added the canna-curate tag
I'm not quick but I'm slow as someone once said :)