Oasis Borealis northern lights # 3

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Grow Update

To start I am going to show off the latest autos I am growing, Theses might end up being the last autos I grow for a while if i can get these regs to take off as I am kinda sick running in to the same problem every time with autos, The problem I am having every time is the fact that if one thing goes wrong it is all shit from that point as I have no time in the grow to fix any problem that happens.

I have been growing to autos that are the oasis seeds Borealis aka northern lights auto, I am only growing these to get rid of the seeds really as I have had shit luck with this strain, it normally ends up herming on me and just has really shitty yield.

These are each 1 month old you can find the post on that here

With the one in the 2 gallon post it is going pretty good but I had slacked on the water the other day and they got a little dried out so the leaves show that with this one, I am going to take the guess that this one will be flipping to flower on the next week or so. like the way the autos grow in the 2 gallons as they don't end up getting too big for my tent but they aren't to small either that I get a really shitty yield.

I am going to guess that with the size of this plant and the way I have been going I will likely end up with around an oz of good buds but that is only if I can get done flower without any problems.

The one that I have been growing in the one gallon is the nicer of the 2 in colour. I have had an issue with my small cat thinking she should go into my tent in the and eat on some of my bottom leaves. I have put something in front of the bottom vent hole now to stop that and raised the post off the ground enough I am hoping to keep her out of the tent.

As you can see I have some type deficiency so I have started to give them a small nute and see how that goes with the next water, as the one in the 1 gallon has flipped and it will now need some nutes.

Thanks for coming to read my #growlog and following for more, Any tips are welcome


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Better to use up seeds than to waste em if you got noone to give em to! Have you got reg seeds already?

Yeah I already got 4 in a 2x2 that I just started a week ago

My god, that plant is so bushy for being so short. Nice bro!!

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