What? It Might Work.

in cannabis •  28 days ago  (edited)


The quest for clean glass continues.

Yeah just forget about trying to find the Ark of the Covenant (Read: contains the missing piece of kit or is the actual mechanism itself to fire up the Great Pyramid.)

You find that, clean glass won’t matter.

~ Rebecca ;)

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Since I've never smoked through glass, I can only relate this to trying to clean the gunk out of a pipe stem to get better air flow...

To an ocd mind, dirty glass is such an irritant... at least in my reality it is. Lol! I’m working on that. ;)

It will. Keep us posted, :)

Prototype and a work in progress.
Dirty glass drives me absolutely crazy.
Vitality requires chi to flow not get stuck in extract detritus. Lolz!