Tape. The Hockey Kind And Cannabis.

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If you’re from Canada, there’s 5 generally accepted kinds of all purpose tape.

Oh gawd, you better blaze whatever you’ve got in your stash and buckle up.

This is a conversation that I had in my head (with myself and all her variations ) when I thought about just how (exactly) I was going to explain this photo, in a way that wasn’t mind numbingly boring.

“Yo girl. What’s up?” “You probably gonna need a disclaimer for this train-wreck.”

Good point.

The Disclaimer:

Nobody get their fucking knickers in a knot if I didn’t list your favourite kind of tape by name. It’s just tape and we all have to talk about something.

(Lol! And, that better not be a fucking quote I’m remembered for...And I’m going to say fuck. A lot.)

If you’re generally good with that, stick around for the show...

What else are you gonna talk about?...the weather?...

That’s why I feel so compelled to explain the difference in tape and how that relates to my cannabis plants.

....because of the fucking weather.

(Everybody significantly lifted if you’re still here?)

Ok. Make a fucking list and get on with it already!

Here we go...

  • Duct
  • Hockey
  • Electrical
  • Painters’
  • Scotch


Hahaha! What good is living if you don’t know how to have fun with nothing ??? so I’m going to talk to you about cannabis and fucking tape ...for a few clam shells....and then I’m fixing to leave that on the internet for the entire world to see... forever. Gawd Damn it! Because that’s how much I love you. And we’re gonna have a good time while we all figure this out. Together.

Anybody got a fucking problem with that?

In my neck of the woods, No one really uses Scotch because it’s dainty as fuck and small.

At best, it’s a whimpy-ass adhesive (not you 3M, but most others).
It gets reserved for paper applications like: holding the wrapping paper on a gift together; the kind that doesn’t have to last fully wrapped for more than a few hours. If a piece let’s go, it won’t really matter because Aunt Bertie can’t really see. The kind of, “if it sticks it sticks” application and if it doesn’t, it’s no big deal.

no serious shits will be lost by anyone if it doesn’t.

Another quote. Fuck.

On to Painters

You know, I’ve never met a professional painter who wasn’t a chronic alcoholic. If they’ve been in the trade for a decade or more, they can all pound back a 40 every night. Then, paint with a precision hand, that’s guided by a hawk’s eye. The next morning! That’s fucked up.

I continued to think.

Must be a union requirement. Lolz! Maybe something in the Wiser reacts with the paint fumes and lends itself to this ability.

Shit. I should explore that thought about the alcohol.

Hey, I wonder if the alcohol that I left my nailhead in, has managed to bore its way through the concentrate blockage that was making, taking a hit more challenging than it really should.

I “get” that we come to earth to suffer. The goal is to experience feelings but nobody needs to feel raw emotion due to the functionality of a water pipe.

Bec, contrast is contrast.

As soon as you identify what you don’t like, you can do something different and ultimately choose another action. That’s how the game of life works.

No mistake about it. Life is a game.

(Welcome to the way my mind works. You still with me?)

Painters tape is a step up. Marginally.

You would use this tape when you aren’t sure if you want to make a permanent commitment to whatever it is that you want to hold together...kinda of like the commitment Steemit’s white paper made to all of us in the clause that matter of factly said: “one day the experiment could be over.” (I made it to page 14. 3 years ago. Lol!)

That’s painters tape for you. You can ripe it right off and you’d never know that it was ever used or even holding space to protect something new.

You done explaining tape Little Miss? Yeah. I think so.

So I had to pick the correct tape to brace and secure my plants.

The tape’s adhesive had to hold through cold temperatures, wet conditions and high wind.

I used stakes to support (early on) while the plants’ stocks and branches got stronger.

Then, I removed most of the stakes and used the plants’ own branches as structural support...because I’m Canadian (and fucking-well can) by hockey tape.

It won’t lose its support in the sun and it will still let the plants sway in the wind.


If this fucking works I’m naming it the 99 Pot trick because not only is it hockey tape, it’s going to enable the production of a lot of future oilers. ;)

We have about 6 weeks left to grow before harvest. The plants have been in my care and growing since the end of January. (Made it this far. Yay!!!!)

Best of luck with your harvests and here’s to finishing strong!

Pipes up!

~ Rebecca

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Im not even going to say it, ;) But seriously i do think you fucking rock!

Thought you might like to take a wee peak.

Steem OG with 6 weeks to go...




She’s running great defence on my second line.

My goal was to grow 2 hedges (this year) that you can see from google earth. Lol! Not joking.

You’ll see. It’s because I live on a river system that’s protected. Once a year, the whole system is photographed by air.
If you’ve messed with the shoreline or changed anything without permission (read: didn’t pay for permits). You get busted.
This year, they’ll be seeing Steem OG holding her ground from space. Lmfao!!!
Go! Steem OG Go!

That is a beauty! So glad your really putting steem to work. Who says Steem has no real world value? So how is the smell? also i will save these pics for a future post, if you dont mind

Like fresh grapefruit mixed with pineapple, a hint of diesel and just a tease of coffee.
Write that fucking line down right now!
The one about Steem’s real world value. That’s a green nugget right there to use in your post(s) when you have positive interactions with people about the herb. (especially your own strain. Have you gotten the genetics out of North America yet?
Sure. Wait a little longer and let me take more in 10 days. She’s only been fed (for flower) for about 10 days.
She struggled a little with the change and the change in temperature which happened at the same time.
Leaves went yellow. She gave me a strong Cali finger. Lol! I think I have her talked around now.

Hahaha! I think anyone who is fucking crazy enough to grow, rocks.

I am certain that Martha would’ve used professional netting from her endorsed sponsors.

Actually, she probably just pays Snoop.

Fucking hockey tape. It’ll be super cool if it actually works. It should. My Queens are big boned. They have the framework.

YOUR JUST GREAT! I love how youre very easy reading. It's hard for me to engage in reading so it has to be catchy!


Hahaha, I am Canadian living in British Columbia and find any kinds of tape especially Tuck Tape very useful, lol great Job with the Hockey Tape, and I love your out door grow show as well! Ours is also looking really good this year, I posted some pics a couple weeks ago. Best of luck with your Crop!! Upped 💯 ! 🌱🌱🌱🌱
Haha, 99 Pot Trick, love it!!

Hi @karenmckersie!
Thank you very much. I have to wonder if hockey tape is actually Canada’s “gateway”tape. Lol!
You start out with hockey and it’s straight to the strongest and toughest sub arctic, compatible adhesive you can find. I have witnessed people holding car parts on with Duct tape. It can hold the darnedest of things.
Very cool on your grow and best of luck on a bountiful harvest, too. :)

Cool thanks! My Favorite is that Tuck Tape it's like a super strong plastic tape in Red or Blue used by insulators lol! 😂🤣😂🤣

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Awesome job!!!! Vote and keep supporting those plants to!

Hi @ganjafarmer!
Great to hear from you.
Thanks. In the homestretch now...whatever happens, happens. I gave it my best shot this grow. ;)

You didn't even mention washi tape... sigh... It either means that you know so much about washi that you know its pretty much painter's tape or you care nothing about it.

I personally would use yarn on my plants. In my past home I had a yard and mostly everything that needed a little help got help from yarn and washi tape.

It’s only tape. That makes me lol for real.
I have never even heard of Washi tape!
Now, I have to go and research this...I may want to add Washi to my ever growing tape selection. Lol!
Who collects tape? Lol!

I collect tape.


I even bought a bunch of tapes wholesale and re-sold them. Made kid type restaurant lunch of it.

I LOVE washi tape, seriously, I even played around with the idea of designing my own washi tape and selling it online.

I wanted Reiki Symbols on it, and weed plants, kids names etc.

Then, I realized how many rolls of tape I would have to sell to make a profit.

I guess that is why its not a good idea to smoke a bunch of weed and then make a business plan LOL!!

But yeah, you bumped into a tape lover here and when I read your quote about "it's just tape" I laughed for hours cause I like tape so darn much. HAHAHAHAHA

PS. My current home is tapeless and I have "just" moved and can't locate my tapes.

Omfg!!! Lmfao!
I can’t believe it! I thought I was the only one!
(I have a thing for scissors too.)