Conclusion: All Rulers Of Queens, Require Glass Scepters

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I whipped up this idea for a glass cleaning apparatus the other day.


I’d like to say to clean my favourite bong but alas...

I have a vexing (and therefore) hexing relationship with this piece of glass... fairly titled:

The Delta Nine Condensing Trap Of Frustration.

This is because I cannot seem to keep it sparkling and dancing in the light.

It’s like taking a sip of nectar out of dirty crystal.
It just won’t do. ;)


I concluded that I need a longer wire (at a lighter, more flexible gauge) so I can reach the floor and the side walls of the cylinder.

I used a dry facial to a wire bottle brush.

(Hahaha! because the tape thing has its limitations....)

I soaked the tip of the sponge in 95% alcohol to really achieve a high shine.

Once I let a set of engineering eyes see my design, I immediately went back to my workbench...

The loss of facial sponge (forever in the bowels of my crystal piece) was fairly probable.

When asked how your highness was going to mentally handle a perpetually floating sponge in the bottom of her bong (in addition to all the concentrate detritus), her response was less than stellar.

Consider picking up some Stellar Lumens to add to your basket...the volume is there.

(Look at the number of hashtags associated with bitcoin trading. The institutional money has been purchasing BTC on dark exchanges. It’s gone sideways for 12 weeks. Yesterday, we started to see that $ be diversified into the Alt coins. I’d say we’re on like Donkey Kong. It’ll come in waves now.)

~ Rebecca

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