Plants are really struggling, but I got some free seeds!

in cannabis •  3 months ago 

The damage on the leaves is spreading across all 3 plants. It kind of looks like rust. I'm definitely concerned

It is covering at least 1/3rd of all the leaves at this point.

It kinda looks like the surface of the leaf has lost it's life there.

It's possible the spray I used on it caused this, even though it should have been fairly gentle. These leaves are fairly thing.

They all have purple stems from mid way up the plant.

I got 28 Fire OG seeds from a friend. Hey! I'll take it!

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Either Phosphorus deficiency or you burned the leaves with the spray.

Remember when Cowboy said do it after the lights go off? It's because the water droplets act like small magnifying glasses and burn your leaves...

Yeah, lights were off for 6 hours after spraying. A deficiency is very possible. They were kept in solo cups without drainage just sobbing in water for over a month.

It can be from a spray, or could fertilizer in the ground. I think it's okay.

Or fungus gnat larvae are eating your roots preventing them from uptaking nutrients. Still see them flying around?


His buddy did have these cuttings in bad conditions. Im also considering maybe also that there getting adjusted to the new light?

Could be any number of things, but guessing from the pics & previous posts, I’d bet heavily it’s gnat larvae enjoying a cannabis root buffet. Hopefully, the mosquito bits work, never tried them. I tried DE when I was infested & didn’t have much luck. Nematodes worked great for me & should reproduce in the soil for longer protection, but can be more costly if changing soils every run. However, if you can find a local garden store that has them they’re fairly cheap. It’s the overnight shipping that really adds up

Yeah the bits have Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis in them, which is a bacteria that kills off their larvae. I'll put down more DE on the topsoil to kill any adults that remain and are moving between the soil and plant. The traps aren't really catching anything anymore. They each only caught a few.

Sounds pretty organic. I read up on them after I saw your post. Hopefully they kill all the babies. It can take a little time for the roots to bounce back & bring the vegetation back to health. My experience is these plants can take a little more time than we want to react to things. So sometimes it can be very hard to diagnose what causes what if too many variables are being introduced at or around the same time. Patience is key, gotta have fun with the process & troubleshooting. Grow that clean hot fire !

I thought maybe I saw one today, but haven't seen any for a few days really. I hit the roots with BT (mosquito bits) to kill off any larvae.