Canadian Cannabis Review - Cherry Punch by Organnicraft

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Organnicraft - Cherry Punch - Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch (Symbiotic Genetics)

Hello, Welcome, Here is your blue ribbon. Congratulations! Cherry Punch a cultivar from Sacramento and now fresh out of Vernon. Introducing Organnicraft a new Canadian license producer putting BC Craft on the map like Nash did with basketball. Dapper and dank buds that spring back like a trampoline and for what Organnicraft calls smalls is most lp's bigs but I love the transparency. This cannabis provides a backstage pass to flavour town, sweet cherry sugary pleasant-trees that reminds me of the five-cent candies you would buy after hitting up the public pool in the summer with the loose change you stole from your parents. Oh, how some things never change. But sugar is bad for you and I am an adult so I am going to hang out with myrcene and caryophyllene sprinkle on the natural and not get a cavity. The terps are so fresh and so clean one whiff you would think you were present on harvest day witnessing all hands on deck picking, trimming, sorting and keeping the gloves stashed aside for a rainy day. This flower has a perfect melody of flavour and effect like an old Lou Reed song.. ‘Perfect Day’ comes to mind. Hybrid vocals are sung loud but not too heady, a big flavourful chorus that's peaceful and not too cerebral, physical relaxation but not too sedating, a very even-keeled engaging high assisting like the stars in uncharted waters. I feel as if I am not in a rush just in the place at the right time feeling the right way. If you like flavour, sweetness, terpy desserts for breakfast and getting over shitty news relatively quickly, I recommend checking out this cultivar it's world-class.


Cool write up, however be careful...


It’s crazy that people still use these, especially in legal areas. Check this out for further reading.

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Interesting read new information to me. I must say though everything in Canada is tested thoroughly and the terpenes are listed on the packaging coming in at 3.49% total terpenes however I still have more research to do on the topic but my guess is that no PGR's were used in the making of this flower. But I can always ask them as well. Thank you for sharing this article.

Pages are really nasty and used to often even without a lot of people knowing. Only way to grow is true living soil all organic 👍

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That’s licensed cannabis?

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100% craft growers out of British Columbia, Canada.

This coming from the BC legal dispenser? Here in Ontario the few times I have bought legal stuff is so dry and honestly sucks🤣🤣

BC the cannabis is so much better from MoMs but idk how legal weed is.

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Getting there fresh is key for sure