Canada Cannabis Reviews - Gelato Sorbet by Stone Grove - BC Black (Joint Venture Craft Cannabis)

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The nose is missing, but every day in a glass jar with a boveda the perkiness is coming back alive. Nonetheless, the buds were still sticky. Taste a cherry slush puppy sweet, upbeat yet not going to get a cavity and this brain freeze is so pleasant. Tart, chill and lucid like a psychedelic dessert. Creamy, almost cheesy, almost reminds me of diary. The experience is legit potent potables of the cannabis kind. The residue of a job well-done coats my mouth, just wish I got to it all a little sooner. It’s a real look into the future of modern genetics and how Italians like their ice cream.

18% THC, 3.5 grams, purchased for $36 at Buddy’s Place in Trail, B.C.
Lineage: Gelato #33 x Sorbet
Breeder: DNA Genetics
Lot: CC31MAY2021001
Packaged on: March 31st, 2021


Damn that is some dank!

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