Canada Cannabis Review - Rainbow Driver by Black Kettle (Joint Venture Craft Cannabis)

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Rainbow Driver by Black Kettle (Joint Venture Craft Cannabis)

Sweet Cherry Poppin Daddies Black Kettle has a swing song for us all. Potency is over the clouds I can almost see fuzzy rainbows in the distance. Lime green buds provide a big whiff of gassy vanilla creamy richness after a couple of tokes I feel a slight cerebral temple squeeze of a creeper potency. The high is perky and lively yet relaxing not couch lock it’s more that I am the couch now. I found myself energized enough to garden even though it was nighttime. The taste is divine cherry thick dankness on the inhale Charlie and the Chocolate factory bubbles in my nose on the exhale even feels like I am flying around with Grandpa. Double rainbow more like I just smoked a gram of a rainbow and it’s going to be a bright and sunshiney day. Not for the faint at heart but connoisseurs a must-try.

Lineage: Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie) x Zkittlez
Breeder: Archive Seed Banks
THC: 22.6%
Lot: CC27APR2021.001
Packaged on: April 27, 2021


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