Canada Cannabis Review - Lemon Berry by -ness

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Lemon Berry by -ness is unique, one of a kind, I am a big fan of all this -ness nicest going around. Burnt one down listening to reggae doing pilates this cannabis must have some nice roots. Landrace lineage tastes raw, visceral, sweet up front and slightly bitter on the exhale yet still creamy, rich and delicious. But it’s the experience that makes this all top-shelf one joint later I feel like a creative caveman painting on walls and I can hear Herzog’s voice narrating how cool my life is.





Major terpenes; Caryophyllene, Limonene, Camphene
Website for -ness
Purchased at Buddy's Place Trail, BC $37 all in


looks delicius

And nutritious

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That is some fire!!

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Woop! Woop!! Next level for sho!!!

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