Canada Cannabis Review - Jean-Guy - Fume (510) & Yocan Uni Twist

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Jean-Guy - Fume (510) & Yocan Uni Twist

After trying Orange Cookies by Fume in PAX form, which was amazing, I had to give this a whirl. Really taste legit like Jean-Guy herbal, earthy, grassy but just such a pleasant Sativa high really I could be happy doing anything right now and accomplishing it well. Smooth, Fresh and vedy vedy potent.

The Uni Twist, S or even the first one, is a game-changer for carts. I am no cart expert, but I highly recommend checking this bad boy out. Streamlined, heavyweight, slick, affordable, great battery and I feel I am getting way more of the ‘Wow’ factor toking these 510’s.

72% THC, 0.5g, purchased for $65 (both) at Buddy’s Place in Trail, B.C.

Packaged on: March 24th, 2021