Canada Cannabis Review - Highland - Gaelic Fire & White Lightning

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Highland – Gaelic Fire (25.4% THC) – Buddy’s Place – Nelson, BC
Lot HG0120, Pkg July 21st 2020

Look 5/5
One bug to rule them all they say. I was delighted to see the 1/8th consisted of one bud mainly. The bud is sticky, moisture is perfect and colours are quite contrasting from the greens to the orange hair on par for sure with a Broken Coast bud.

Freshness 5/5
Super fresh erupts with nature and rawness that really tingles the nose.

Smell 8/10
Any kush lovers would dig the terpy smell of this cannabis upon opening the package you get that old school diesel, petrol fuel smell reminiscent of OG Kush from the early 2000s when Kush was distinguishable in every way. But the smell is almost to clean which might have made the smoke so chesty.

Taste/Smoke 6/10
After a couple hauls on the ol’jointaroo my nose tingles like I tried to do a flip turn in an overly chlorinated pool. The taste is deep and hearty but unfortunately overly chesty. It sure has all the pine and peppery terps you expect from a kush my favourite part is that deflated basketball air exhale you get with kush strains.

High 17/20
After a joint, I had 2 hours of active energy and extreme cerebral focus which is a very desirable high for someone like me with ADD. The onset is quick and you feel it right away in your temples even my forehead got sweat but after a little CBD (Blissco Pure Dew .3 ml) I was chill enough to really indulge in the experience. The one thing I love about Broken Coast is that its an experience. With all the Highlands strains I’ve tried (White Lightning & Cherry Burst) this LP has the goods without a doubt, indeed expensive but you just have to treat yourself sometimes.



Highland - White Lightning (24.5% THC) - Buddy's Place - Nelson, BC
Lot HG0109, Pkg June 16th, 2020

Look 3.5/5
A touch on the dry side, small buds, mediocre stemage however tons of trichomes like every bud I have ever purchased from Highland Grow. The lime green nugs remind me of Alien dawg or Durga Matta 2.

Freshness 5/5
Instantly can tell this plant was loved from birth as soon as I opened the package the first thing that first and the only thing that went through my head was ‘fire’. Smells like a sweet fresh meadow you hiked all day to get to but somewhere in the background, some asshole spilt a jerry can of gasoline.

Smell 8/10
Rich and creamy not overly distinct but very unique and exotic, the smell alone is smooth and somehow the vanilla cakey terps rest in the back of your throat like a dank little piece of heaven sweet with a slight kushy fume after zing. The aroma is reminiscent of 'white widow' the only strain that comes to mind. I can't thank the budtender enough for talking me into trying this masterpiece instead of getting 2 x Gaelic Fire. I must say I do prefer the White Lightning if I had a choice between the two.

Taste/Smoke 10/10
The session is straight fantastic - ultra-smooth by far the smoothness legal chronic I have ever tried close comparisons would be maybe LBS – Sunset (that one time I got it fresh), Solei - Renew or Royal High 8-Ball Kush. But this has the flavour to go along with the coolness of the smoothness. The smoke is creamy like whip cream and reminds me of 'Grease Monkey' the kush taste is there but the flavour is so multi-layered and multi-dimensional just like the high you really have just been there. If you ever see this available for purchase you will not be disappointed.

High 20/20
I was seeking some answers in life in this flower provided it.. not to mention I saw a couple shooting stars in the process. The high was very uplifting, a great body and mind balance pump up, and an almost spiritual high where I was never overwhelmed once despite the intensity. Highland Grow Inc. has seriously taken things to another planet with the ability to provide high-quality trees the seem like their from another planet.