Canada Cannabis Review - Bruce Banner by Greenade (Sitka Weed Works)

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Hard-pressed to buy another Bruce Banner from any LP ever. Greenade has this cultivar on lockdown in every aspect, and I now understand its legendary status. Smoothness out of the ying-yang, berry medley fruit for breakfast with an enjoyable diesel exhale but no nose tingle, just euphoria of ‘I’ll call you later'. I can feel myself accessing parts of my brain I never used to talk about super strength. Do you want bag appeal? This is the real deal = big huge nugs and not overly trimmed, this way you get to know the plant a little more, see the grower’s artistry at play. I have had the previous batch at 33%, now 25% and sure there is a slightly noticeable difference but all in all, this is Hall of fame good.

24% THC, 3.5 grams, purchased for $40 at Buddy’s Place in Trail, B.C.

Lineage: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

Breeder: Dark Horse Genetics

Lot: 175

Packaged on: June 7, 2021


My favorite strain. Did they have an ounce available? Price?

I just picked up this Purple Punch for 110



Love the Purple Punch, Blue Lemon Thai is excellent too by them. No ounces for the Bruce Banner yet and to think about it no real premium ounces at all except Broken Coast which is only available in Ontario right now.

The Purple Punch smells effing amazing. I bury my face in the container everytime I open it. Even at 16%, I enjoy it far more than this Sativa from The Batch @ 22%; also, preferred their hybrid to their sativa.


Thats a nug I would love to put in my pipe!

It would love to be there.