Canada Cannabis Review - BC Organic Pure Skunk Cake by Coast Mountain

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Coast Mountain Cannabis - BC Organic Pure Skunk Cake

The greatest weed of the year in my honest opinion. After all these reviews, I don't need the word 'honest' you all trust me. Upside down pineapple cake meets heaven. So smooth, it tasted like flavoured air. I danced, I pranced, I took a t-break right after. This is the real deal. Treat yourself and experience the future of legalization in Canada in real-time. Coast Mountain Cannabis has the brightest future in this industry, I had to wear shades to smoke it.

27% THC, 3.5 grams, purchased for $ 44.50 plus tax at Buddy's Place in Trail, BC

Lineage: Skunk # 1 x Triangle Kush

Total Terpenes: 2.44% [Myrcene 1.65%, β-caryophyllene 0.29%, Linalool 0.18%]


Packaged on: May 04, 2021


Haha! Great description

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Man... I'm miss skunks... Could smell it from here

More than 1 month with nothing. Quitting smoke.

Looks nice. Enjoy

Thanks, I am almost a month no smoking either. I am taking a t-break but after all of these crazy wild lucid dreams probably only go back as a light user after the break vs where I was before. Best of luck my friend.

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