420/710 combo sesh

in #cannabis2 months ago

Happy March, cannafam! Spring is just around the corner, so why not have a combo sesh to keep you spirits lifted! Don't forget to join LBRY and Odysee to follow @MediKatie videos! Pass the bud! :)


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This was an enjoyable 5 minutes with you, @MediKatie. And you didn't say a single word! I love watching you dab and smoke :) The music was dope by the way <3

Hehe, yes it was fun and dope music! I couldn't say anything. Did you see how much I smoked and dabbed with just a sip of water? hahaha! I love evenings like this, but with some snacks and friends. I should share my voice a little bit more. Maybe I could do a video like MediKatie reads George Carlin while smoking a chonger series. I also love toking to dope music. There's a lot of DISL tracks that I've been wanting to toke to.

Dooo it! We look forward to it, asshole! ;) :-D

We shared! :)

Nice to see MediKatie on LBRY / Odysee :)