Canna Cocoa!

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I have been experimenting with cannabis tea and have really enjoyed the journey so far! Today I am trying my first mug of cannabis hot chocolate!


Usually I use a chai type tea bag with the cannatea I make because the spice of the chai really compliments the spiciness of the buds that developes strongly during the decarboxylation process making it a bit unpalatable depending on your tastebuds
I myself don't mind it depending on the day some days I also really can't get over the taste lol! especially when I make a batch that is stronger than usual lol!
I know of people who find it a bit too much to taste while just trying to get a really nice body high so I've been searching for ways to kind of mask the taste for a more enjoyable experience which has been fun
The recipe I found along with the bud that I am using has been incredible I haven't really experienced a good baked feeling doing edibles or tinctures so it was super nice to get annihilated

248962449_936749723598135_7226554226572376727_n (1).jpg

The first time I tried this recipe I didn't believe anyone who said they had tried it and said they got fried like never before so I did more than the recommended dosage because my tolerance is rather H I G H
It took about half an hour and I started feeling different I figured it wasn't going to work that well so I drank some more 🤡🤡🤡 to see if it would kick in faster and up a notch then suddenly at the hour mark I felt 👽 G O N E 👽 and every 15 minutes for idk how many hours I kept feeling more and mooooore baked I could barely open my eyes and I do not even have the words for what my mind and body were experiencing I kept wondering when it was going to subside and it just kept feeling stronger and stronger😂 it was a really great time and I highly reccomend trying some canna tea

Today as I write this I am experimenting with canna hot cocoa and the taste is rather smooth and I'm waiting for the effects to begin!
Have a lovely evening everyone! I hope you enjoyed my post!
stay blazing and stay amazing!!! 😜


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