PATRIOTIC DISSENT - Petition Voice's Ground Rules Prohibition Against Cannabis

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By Lannie David Brockstein
January 31st to February 11th, 2021

On betaVoice's Ground Rules page, it politely says:

Avoid posting anything that advertises or promotes illegal or legally restricted goods or services, including (but not limited to):
Drugs and controlled substances, including cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco

Why is that? Because betaVoice is culturally stuck in a prim and proper prejudice of the 20th century?

It is now the 21st year of the 21st century, and no thanks to neo-conservatives, cannabis is fully legal for adults in Canada. Thanks to classical liberals, cannabis is also legal for medical and/or recreational use in many more U.S. states than not. So why are Americanadians prohibited from promoting cannabis at betaVoice?

Cannabis is legally restricted for minors, but so is voting. So why isn't the promotion of voting also prohibited at betaVoice? Because cannabis causes reefer madness—as the Big Pharma lobbyists did falsely argue for decades? But since when doth elections not causeth voting madness?—whereby for decades and to this very day, the swamp creature career politician DINOsaurs of the Democrat Party and the RINOsaurs of the Republican Party have not stopped colluding to cancel constitutional votes and thus to rig U.S. presidential elections <-----as Mr. Biden himself in this video interview did infamously confess!

With enemies like these in every country being intent on locking down Frodo and his best buddy Sam until they hath becometh mired with the treacherous Gollum in the depressing shallows of a seemingly endless swale, those of us who value democracy can be forgiven for choosing to "get high with a little help from our friends".

This post was written whilst I vaped bowls of Tangerine Dream and Critical Super Silver Haze.

My friends and I love vaping cannabis much more than we love using betaVoice where the promotion of cannabis culture is canceled.

Illegal voting harms the whole country, whereas the legal use of cannabis heals the wounded individual.

How many songs that thine ears doth looketh forward to hearing were composed by a poet whose musical soul did metrically singeth in magic communion with the sacred cannabis plant? Well music lover, thou art prohibited from listening to them when logged into betaVoice because the pre-WWII 20th century ideology of its Ground Rules doth saith so! Any employee of Voice who listened to The Beatles when logged into betaVoice will be fired! Any article (including this article) or comment that was written when its author was using cannabis, and that was thereupon posted at betaVoice, is objectionable and will be canceled!

But that isn't what betaVoice's Ground Rules saith? I disagreeth, for what is said was previously thought, and what thou art welcome to saith at betaVoice is nothing that thinks cannabis culture is any good.

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, "The limits of one's language are the limit of one's reality." To put it another way, to limit one's speech is to limit one's capacity to think. It is unethical that betaVoice's Ground Rules are designed to condition or influence Voice users to cancel their capacity to think in positive ways about cannabis culture. A person's lifestyle is partly a reflection of what they think, and what a person doth thinketh is influenced by what they are prohibited from saying. We the People who value Freedom of Speech are against there being Orwellian thought police at betaVoice who are its speech police that prohibit cannabis culture from being promoted. We the People who value Freedom of Speech demand that betaVoice reform its Ground Rules to reflect the 21st century legal system in Canada and most of the U.S.A.

If thine heart doth agreeth that the promotion of cannabis culture should not be canceled at Voice, then mine heart doth encourage thee to "heart" this article, and to "Voice It", as well as to sign thy name in its comments section that is doing double-duty as a petition to @ salah (Salah Michael Zalatimo) and Team Voice.

There isn't necessarily that much more time for the Voice Genesis community to petition for betaVoice to be redesigned before the Voice token is live, so posteth thine own petitions, as well!—and posteth their links in the comments section of this petition and other petitions, too!

If thou dost value my 'PATRIOTIC DISSENT: Petition Voice's "Ground Rules" Prohibition Against Cannabis' article, and in case mine account at Voice is canceled, or in case Voice itself is canceled by Big Tech, then thou shouldst seriously consider preemptively bookmarking my "lanniebrockstein" blogs at Hive, Publish0x, Scorum, Parler, and Gab because the future of blogging is decentralized and everybody's Freedom of Speech is censorship-resistant when they have more than one online home.

'PATRIOTIC DISSENT: Petition Voice's "Ground Rules" Prohibition Against Cannabis' is copyright © 2021 Lannie David Brockstein. This article has been archived at Hive and may not be reprinted or copied without the express written permission of Mr. Brockstein—please share its Hive link instead.


Hey Lenny! Long time no see bro. Hope all is well.

So you know I was on Voice, and guess what I posted? Cannabis, and I never had no issue. However I really did not like the platform. But still maybe its just because I did not get reported. You should really post here more, I like it so much better then Voice.

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Hey buddy! It has been more than a year, eh? I apologize, I'm not always good with names. What is your username at Voice? I'll add your blog there to my blog's following list; in case you someday want to syndicate your articles there, too.

Methinks that more people who use cannabis would probably like Voice more if the promotion of cannabis wasn't fucking prohibited there! I couldn't believe it when I read that on its Ground Rules page.

Update: Since I syndicated my article at Voice, a person from Voice replied and basically said it is only that promoting the commercial sale of cannabis is prohibited at Voice for legal reasons, but that anything posted there to promote cannabis culture is not prohibited—and that they are now going to update their Ground Rules to better communicate that.

I hope to post my articles at Hive, in part because Hive in being a censorship-resistant decentralized blockchain is a bona fide archive. The future of blogging is decentralized, especially now that there is so much censorship at the Big Tech social media publishers—including their having colluded to cancel Parler.

That is why methinks everybody should consider syndicating their articles on as many platforms as possible, and that every article should firstly be posted at Hive—along with the inclusion of its Hive link on whichever other platforms they syndicate their article on (as I did on my blog at Voice), in part to help grow the community at Hive.

Methinks the idea of "Hive as an Archive" is a tremendous selling point for a greater adoption of the Hive blockchain, though it is probably so that not everybody at Hive does necessarily like that idea. Some people want to be centralized at Hive, or at Voice, or whatever. But the future is decentralized.

When Parler was Death Star'd by the Darth Vaders of Big Tech, how horrible that must of been for all of those millions of people who had spent many years of their life posting their content there. Genocide isn't "only" the murder of an entire people; genocide is also defined as the destruction of an entire culture.

The idea of Hive as an archive can help everybody to preserve their culture, no matter what their culture is. It is often said that "history is written by the victors", but shouldn't history be written by historians?

From Lannie.

Yeah it is a shame the way things are going. What’s ever more concerning, people are cheering on big tech to censor people.

I am Jonathan Zane Phillips over there I believe. Been so long I forgot.

Hey Jon, I found your blog there.

Sadly, that cheering of censorship is symptomatic of their small-mindedness. Methinks the more it happens that cannabis and other mind-expanding plants and mushrooms are legalized, the less censorship in society there will probably be.

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