Jungle Boys Seeds- Germinating "LA Kush Cake"

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Hi all,
Today I purchased Jungle Boys seeds and flower of the same strain: "LA Kush Cake"

THC level of the flower is 37% and 43% total cannabinoids. It smells and tastes like OG Kush from 15 years ago with a fruity kick to the head.

I put five seeds in a cup of water and waited about 8 hours for the seeds to sink to the bottom.

I used a paper plate and wet paper towels to germinate.
I put the wet towels with seeds between two paper plates and stored them in a dark small tent.

I will check in 2 days to see if they germinated properly...


Jungle Boys get down!

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I'm so excited to know that I have the right strain...the rest is up to me. I learned so much in the last 3 mo.

Ive heard some great things about La Kush Cake.

Yea, I smoked it yesterday and man I was lit like the old days.

Nice never heard of them, Can't wait to see them grow

Thanks, they are very well known in California.

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