Cannabis Grow- Auto Fuel Hybrid

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Auto Fuel Cannabis - Hybrid

Hi all,

My name is Armen, I am from Los Angeles, CA. I will post my first ever cannabis tent-grow series

Strain: Auto Fuel Autoflower - Indica Dominant Hybrid, (Purple City Genetics)

Grow-Time: 10-11 weeks

See a preview of my grow and come back to see my week by week grow series.

Just Flushed two days ago, can't wait to smoke it and share it with friends.

Thank you,


Hey Armen! If j recall you used to be on steem?

Yes @armen. I got new grow content Im putting together. Hope we can get more activity on weed posts.

You know we got a cannabis front end now right?

No, I didnt know.

You can still post from the hive front end, and cannabis tag will get your post published here. Or if you post from here your post still goes to Hive. Same keys. Your also earning the Weed token. The market can be viewed here

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Thanks, Ill check it out.

This is awsome, great idea.

Beautiful looming bit of bud 😉

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Thank you

This is absolutely beautiful. Great work

Thank you, its my first grow and I am in love with this plant.

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