Bag Seeds, Mid-Week 6

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Hi All,

It's mid-week of week 6 and the trichome development is looking mighty frosty...

The buds are filling-up and are covered in resin/gue...

The smell in the tent is sweet-lemon-gas, OG.
Comparing these bag-seeds to the autoflower seeds; the bag-seeds are just on a different level. The density, the trichomes, the oders are 10 times better. I hope I can cure these well enough to enjoy smoking them.


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You being in socal, you probably should look into getting a dehumidifier, that is if you dont have one already. Even up here in Salinas I have to turn that thing on.

I have an AC pulled into the tent. It keeps it at 45-55%. I was struggling keeping it below 60% at night. But, I adjusted a few things now I'm good. The A/C spits out high humidity to low humidity in a matter of 2 mins. It fluctuates 10%. I added a humidifier before, but the AC over powers it.

Ahh nice!

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