Bag Seed - Mid-Week 7

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Hi All,

So it's day 46 of flower in the bag seed grow...

The only bag seed that didn't herm is in recovery mode. I had my temps really low (67°-71°) while I was in flush-mode with the first Autoflower. The bag-seed got the worst of it. It turned purple...looks good, but it's not ment for OG. The plant slowed it's growth.

I made the necessary adjustments to the temps and now we have new stigmas showing. I have not found any trace of a herm since I found one stem had a seed at the top of a bud (hit by my other plant). The slow growth was also caused by my removal of three main branches. One with a seed and the other two already damaged from snapping. Check back for end of week seven post.


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Stress... That's what made them Herm. And having a poorly bred strain? Just makes it easier to Herm.

Although that tiny blue flower is cute...

I rember you from steem it days, Im @armen. Yea it's the strain that made my other plants herm. The cold mad mad it go purple and stopped bud development. It's my first grow so I'm learning.

Wtf? Homie is back!!!! Yeah man totally didn't catch that.

Totally following.

And awesome job.

As a hint. From now on source a good seed company and solid strain. And clone it and keep them forever.

Next silica please look into it. Plants really love it and makes them way more hardy and strong. Look into it and you will love it.

Some great solid strains out there.

Thanks man, good to be back. Good seen you still posting. I picked up Jungle boys seeds 2 weeks ago. LA kush Cake reg seeds no fem

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Nice, Thanks for the link.

Looking really good, The seed are likely herm seeds or maybe a light is left on?

I think it's the seeds. This one is less that 2 weeks away. I am watching her like a hawk, no herm sign yet.

Packing some frost!

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