Auto-Fuel #2-Autoflower-hybrid-purple-city-genetics Week 12

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Hi All,

Here is the second Auto Fuel, I did LST on this one, so it came-out short and bushy. It also fell behing about two weeks.

It's not recommended to train Autoflowers, but I did it anyway just to see what happens...

This looks like it's going to give a bigger yield and it smells stronger. It's Also fluffy but denser than #1. No flush on this one, I am running with nutrients to the end "If he dies, he dies"


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Training autos is a must if you want a good harvest. Supper cropping and LST. Topping them will give you mixed results. Some like it and do well, others will crawl into a corner and not grow for a week! Lol looking good dude!

Thanks, this one looks better.

It's not much but it's honest work, right? Or this time is it much? Cannabis has to be 'much' isn't it?

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It definitely is honest hard work, too much? Not yet. I need quality over quantity. Thanks