Tent Update: So Close, Yet So Far................

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Play this song while you read this post;)

What's good Weed Nerds! Day 48 of flower, and I have a tent full of winners. To my surprise, my Big Mack is sticking out above the rest. One pheno has the biggest buds out of the bunch, and the other pheno is so complex. Each whiff you get differing aromas, and it is very hard to just pin point one. Black licorice, rotten banana, melon, cantaloupe, sweet gas, and more.

My only regret with this Big Mack, is not transferring into a bigger pot. I have stopped giving it nutes, and hit with molasses, and now just giving her plain water. I am going to look at the trichomes tonight, and contemplate to harvest. It would be nice to give the other plants more room to breathe in their final days, and plus I am out of A+ buds. I am not going to go to the store, and waste my $$

The 'Blue Pheno' is the one with the biggest flowers in the tent, or at least the fattest. The terps on this one is also very complex. Almost about the same as the other pheno, but the rotten banana is sticking out more.

As you can see it's cramped, and would really benefit if I go ahead and call the other Big Mack.

Rainbow Chip

Since I did not SCROG this round, my buds where starting to cave in to their weight. So I staked up.

Just loving all these colors!

I want to give a special shout out to @derekrichardson, founder of @thesocalhive. I won one of their contests, and got some cool Hive Swag!

Found a great place to slap a sticker, right next to the tallest plant in the tent, Helena X PBB!

The Dirty Little Secret is staring to really show off! I would say this, and the Rainbow Chip will go a week longer then the others. So while I am cutting off the nutes to the rest of the plants, this one will get one more time, and along with the Rainbow Chip.

The Rainbow Chip is really starting to remind me of the last plant I ran, Gusher Mintz. It is straight gas, and I would not be surprised once it's all said, and done I will be ranting and raving on how the Rainbow Chip is the best out of the bunch. Although the Helena X PBB is getting some of that Og Kush smell that I love so much.

Then last, but not least, is the Helena X PBB. These buds are just gorgeous! I would not be surprised that they end up with a nice purple hue to them once they are finished. If only I can get the tent colder then what it is running at. Oh well, maybe once winter comes, I will run this one again, because let me tell you, it is such a great strain! Props to JAT of @bifbeans.

More Helena X PBB action

Well that is it for now. Everything I looking good with the temps, and humidity. I even think they will be even better once I harvest that Big Mack. Then I can let the other buds have more room to do their thing. I am so close, I can taste it! Peace, and everyone have a great weekend!!






Man these look so good. I have come to terms with some of my leaves turning to shit during the last week of flowering. But yours are all looking awesome.

Yeah it happens. Got to figure the plant is basically dying. And thanks for the kind words, my phone does not do justice for these flowers, the going to be a delight:)

Beautiful work in a small space, all those ladies are looking beautiful. Wish I had smell-a-vision!

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Well if you want to smell the Big Mack, set out a bowl of fruit, with a bunch of bananas, and let sit in hot sun for half a day.

Can't wait for technology to catch-up. Once you start sending smell electronically, oh man. Buy it can't get in the hands of the wrong people or else, fart bombs...lol.

You are almost there!

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Just about! I almost cut the Big Mack last night, but it is not quite there.....


looks great again. I wish I could just walk in.

Come on over!


So many beautiful flowers thanks for sharing here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

Thanks bro!

No problem it's my pleasure 🤝

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Oooooo, looking good.

Gracious amigo!

I feel its smell

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Ha! Is it orgasmic?