Santa's Kandy, Bred By Jonyoudyer, A Weedcash Exclusive(Transformation!)

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Whats's up Steem! What a crazy week, and I imagine it is going to get even crazier, but life goes on. I still plan to share my grow exclusively to Weedcash, here on the Steem Block Chain. As the saying goes, the show must go on!

Like a caterpillar who turns into a butterfly, I to have transformed from something ugly, into something beautiful. My grow tent, and new grow light has arrived!! For those that have been following me the past 2 years, you saw my struggles with growing in a closet. I did ok, but not great. This was due to not having the proper environment. I was unable to have good air flow. Not any more.

Just look at the difference! No more old style 'blurple' LED for me. I mean I do have to say the blue light was great for the seedlings, but plants need more then just the blue and red side of the lighting spectrum.

The top left pic is the spectrum of the Mars T1000 Led. As you can see it is very close to the sun. This is the direction light company's are heading. HID lighting have been the industry standard for many years, but the day is coming that all indoor cannabis growers will be using LED. I predict in 15-20 years HID will be obsolete, while the blurple style of lights will be obsolete in just a few years. It truly is amazing seeing the advancements in lighting in the past 10 years.

Another great thing about this light is it has no built in fans. Fans draw power, and no fans=less power. The heat output is very little. In fact it has less heat then my old LED. Right now I have the light 30 inches away from my canopy, and will drop to 24 once my plants get used to it.

I got a IPower 32 inch by 32 inch, 5 foot tent. It has ports for a 4", 6", and 8" exhaust, and it also has a port for a 4 inch intake. It also has small slots on bottom that you can open up for extra ventilation. Another cool thing, is it has an observation window on the front. Perfect for the OCD grower, that always has to take a peak at their plants, ;)

The frame of the tent is steel, and is very sturdy. For less then 50$ I am very happy with my purchase. Setting it up was straight foreword, and took me about 10 min. The only hard part I would say was setting up the accessory's, which really was a simple thing.

I went with the Vivosun 4 inch 195 CFM inline fan for my exhaust. This fan is less then 30$, and for the size of my tent, it is perfect! It came with a warranty, so if it does happen to break, I know I can replace it. So far so good, :)

Back when I was growing before, I wasted money on this 100 CFM booster fan. Well looks like I finally have a great use for it! I am using this as my intake fan. I would say I have very adequate ventilation for my grow. The only thing I am missing from the equation, is a dehumidifier. I will see how things go, and hopefully have one in time when I flip my plants into flower.

I have a small fan circulating air between the canopy and the light. This is to keep humidity down, and prevent hot spots. Soon I will replace this one with an oscillation fan, but this one will do fine for the moment.

I will continue to use a 20/4 light cycle, meaning 20 hours on, 4 hours of darkness, until I switch to a 12/12 light cycle. I have something lined up for you all that I think will make for an exciting post series, and also will be great for Google search results. So stay tuned for the next post.

Let us each of us now embrace with solemn duty, and awesome joy, what is our lasting birthright. With common effort and common purpose, with passion and dedication, let us answer the call of history and carry into an uncertain future that precious light of freedom.-Barack Obama



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This a looking like a true set up now. I am loving the mara hydro so far. Good thing you got a tent with a metal from. My 2x2 is plastic (bought used) and it is far less sturdy than the 2x4 .

Woohoooo, the livingroom grow style! I approve, haha. Cept I never use a tent... I'm more of a "houseplant" style guy and you're more professional. Are you using CO2 or is the tent to keep down smell?
I look forward to looking into LED options in the future. My light is adequate but it's certainly something I can improve on.

No on the C02, even if i did, i think it would be a waste since you need a more powerfull light. Not sure. Also tent is just so i can have better control of the environment. The air flow in my closet was not adequate enough. I am far from a pro, this is just pure man and plant relationship, ;)

sensational, nice clean setup you got there!!

You da man :)

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Thanks alot man. Also dont forget your an inspiration to us all as well. The more grows on weedcash, the better. :)

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