Wedding Cake #2.

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My 2nd Pheno of Wedding Cake is starting to look a lot better [since the clone transplant]! The leaves are a much richer green color and they are looking very healthy! The leaves actually look so nice; I am wondering if my other plants should be getting more shade like this planty [which is tucked into the raspberry bushes].
This wedding cake is also next to the compost pile and when I water, it flows down into this area I've noticed. These might be some reasons it's becoming so green and vibrant. You can see cover crops like grass and clovers, as well as vermiculite in the soil! This Wedding Cake is in a great corner to really grow quality vegetation. However, the leaves near the bottom are a bit yellowish and the plant isn't very big yet.

It might be time to top the plant soon.

Whenever I top a plant, it seems to "green up" a bit and also start to grow more quickly over time. I am very convinced that cannabis plants should be topped for several reasons. Besides even development and bud production, it just seems to make the plant a bit more healthy overall. I usually top every fifth node, sometimes allowing a few more nodes [than 5] to grow each "round".

2nd Pheno - Wedding Cake - 6/15/2021


Looking good and healthy

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Thanks. 😀 👍🌱

I've noticed that some of them like it more than LST.
Hard stress seems to activate a drive to thrive sometimes, a combination the 2 is my plan, so far.
Have a great grow.

There is no doubt it increases vegetation growth. I've never had a plant harmed from stress either or hermie seeds. 😁👍

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