The Bonsai Diaries. [Part 2].

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Wow! I appreciate all the votes on my Bonsai diaries post! I never would have guessed Bonsai would interest more people than my large outdoor plants ... maybe some people have never heard of Cannabis Bonsai?! I will tell everyone here a quick story. I developed a lot of my [outdoor] techniques from watching a "microgrower" called Dirtman Dan on youtube.

Cool story huh?!

The point is, microgrowing is a great way to develop stress techniques.


Today I added [partially developed] wood hummus. I also tied down a crystal that will later be used as a "stress weight". Put simply, this crystal will not only look cool, but it will add vertical stress.


End of day 5. [Day 4 had no activity to report].


[What the bonsai will look like right before flowering].


Ugha bugga bugga. Translation: I like the caveman technique.

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