Nighttime Cannabis Photography!

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Tonight I took low light photos of my cannabis plant with a flash light while I watered. I tend to water at night because it is so hot here and I want to avoid heat shock if I water on a hot afternoon. Hope you enjoy the photography! The plants are several strains from clones with healthy, developed soil with one feeding of Epsom salt so far this season.


The photographs [above] are of the fast growing, mammoth hulk of a strain: Wedding Cake. WOW! This plant is growing quickly. I made sure to crop the entire plant into the photograph even though it is low lighting. The leaves are so large for how young the plant is! I love the grey lighting of the leaves around the edges of the photograph [it's really light blue lighting, not grey]. This Wedding Cake is very bushy from topping. It is almost ready to top again!

This next plant is the Wedding Cake #2. It is much smaller, but just as healthy as the first Wedding Cake. In the background you can see leaves from the raspberry bush. In the top right you can see the clovers I use as cover crops. You can also see the rocks I use as markers.

Above is the Lemon plant. Its a bit small, but healthy. I haven't topped this plant yet because it's a bit small and still "greening up" from the big transfer outdoors [all these plants are clones]. Of course, the plant is green. The yellow, grey and white tones are all from the flashlight!

I'm not sure how often I will take nighttime photography of my plants ... I had to take literally around 50 pictures to get 4 professional looking ones. Consider this a rare glance into the nightlife of the cannabis females. The light is harmless at night. The only bad thing that could happen is if the plants were flowering. Right now, occasional lights wont effect the veg stage. So technically, I could take more nighttime photography if you, the reader like them!


Beautiful night photos !! I'll give you a piece of information: plants (generally all) photosynthesize in the morning with sunlight, therefore if you water your plants before the sun rises, you will have an excellent development. If you water them when the sun is there, and it is summer, it is best to add water to them, until almost drowning them, so we make sure that the roots do not burn mainly.
I would like to try a piece of cake !! :) Hugs!

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Nice photos! I am excited to watch what your Wedding cake does:)