My New Shade Netting is Very Cool! :)

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Today I placed a ladder up to the chicken barn and took a rare aerial photograph of the #cannabis garden. I wanted to show off my new shade nets which are looking great! [The entrance of the garden is the blue door and the green tarp is a privacy net].
If you look closely you can see the chicken fencing [bottom] that creates the #cannabis scrog. Obviously the black netting is the shading system. It's working very well! The plants will take a while to heal and get rid of those scary taco leaves. The black shade nets don't quite cover all the plants. I am running a bit low on gardening funds right now ... However, I did manage to order these three nets and zip tie them together. It completely covers around half of my plants and gives partial shade to a few more.
I also bought this thermometer with a remote temperature display. I hooked the thermometer onto the #scrog right next to the wedding cake plant. Now I can see the actual temperature around the plants from my kitchen! It's so much more accurate to see the actual temp around my plants instead of checking the weather online. Very excellent purchase!
Hope everyone out there is avoiding the heat. I will share an update on the plants soon. I topped most of the plants a few days ago. It was the second topping. The planst are really going to start growing crazy soon! 😃 🌱 There is a lot more work to do, especially training the plants along the scrog fencing and also defoliation. Not to mention weed and bug control.

I also have more work to do on the shading nets.



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