Is Seed Drowning a Myth?

in #cannabis5 months ago

When I grow cannabis I like to soak the seed for a few hours like many other growers also do. Soaking seeds breaks down the protective layer and allows for faster germination. Many people also claim that if you soak the seed for X amount of time, it will drown. Is this actually true?

Around a week ago, I accidentally let a seed soak for an extra day or two.
To my surprise, the seed had begun to sprout! I decided to do a little field experiment. I let the seed go for a few more days {above}! You can clearly see that the seed isnt dead, ALTHOUGH IT IS UNDERWATER. Today I will plant this seed into the soil and hopefully it will sprout.

So what's the deal with the seed drowning thing?

Here is my hypothesis: There is SOME truth to the seed drowning. If I soak 10 seeds maybe 5 will drown and 15 will sprout or something like that. It's hard to imagine it's a complete wives tale. I will conduct a larger experiment soon because I am very curious at this point. Has anyone reading this sprouted in water before? It's also hard to imagine this won't grow. When it hits the soil it will most likely take off.

I have a bunch of seeds that might be hermie. I might as well drop them all into the water and record what percent successfully germinates. Myth busters ... #cannabis edition! Stay tuned ill throw them in water soon. Imagine if they all sprouted and seed drowning doesn't exist Lol. Have any of you drowned seeds before? I always take them out before 24 hours, this is the first time I forgot.


I'm going to join this experiment.

I'll get a 50 cups with water and a seeed in each one.

I'll make sure that each seed "appears" to be in he condition to be used for growing. (you know, makensure they are brown and not green, although i have had some white ones grow too. go figure)

It's nice to know that in 2 days it's already showing tail.

I hope drowning won't kill me new babies outside. It is raining non stop all day thus far and theybonly just popped their heads and released the outer shell off them.

Sounds like a plan! I'd suggest you start out with less than 50 though. What if half of them drown?? Although if you have a TON of seeds ... 50 will be more accurate then my experiment with 10 or so seeds.