I Finally SCROGGED My Whole Garden!

in #cannabis6 months ago

It finally took a while, but I finally covered my entire garden area with fencing! Of course, this fencing will be used to train my cannabis plants with high stress training to get large herbal nugs! All the leaves will be cut under the fencing and then the fencing will be used to force the branches of all the plants to move out in a horizontal direction, increasing space for sunlight and allowing more even growth! We will also stress tre plant, causing more rapid vegetation growth before flowering!
Once the cannabis plants begin to flower I will allow the plant to start to grow upwards again. Then I will remove a few more leaves everyday and allow the herbal nugs to REALLY grow large! As large as a baseball bat! Holy baseball bat Batman! This fencing area [above] seems too large to actually fill, but you would be surprised. With the excellent soil, combined with food like magnesium and honey, this plant will fill all the fencing and I might have to actually add extra tie downs and also I will have to tape the branches up like an over producing apple tree!


Wow that's an awesome idea, You scrogg the whole garden 🤣🤔.

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You have a great plantation. What a great tip, prepare the soil with magnesium and honey, does it work for any plant?

It's a bit complex but ... Every soil is different and so is every plants needs. So for example, your soil might be low in magnesium which is what epsom salt is.

You should check out the super croppers from @bifbeans. It has done wonders for my training game

I've actually tested supercropping with a scrog. It works really well but it's not an easy technique. You have to break down the top then feed it into the scrog [fenceing] without breaking it. It's REALLY stressful too. I'm not sure what is too much. I've done it a few times with a single top.

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