How tall is my Scrog?

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Today @fractaldreams asked me for advice on how tall to make a "scrog." The funny thing is that I never thought to measure the scrog. It's just a height I've eyeballed over time. I think it is a good idea to measure the scrog for future use. Let's measure the Scrog!



My scrog is 2 ft. 2 in.

It's not fair to measure the total [width and length] of the scrog until the plants are at least flowering. However, I will give all of you a sneak peak of how big the total scrog is. It looks like a giant spider created a web above all my plants! I can't wait to measure the total square footage of all the scrogged plants! Stay tuned for the stress training.



I would say it all depends on how big you want your plants to get, and of course if your doing indoor or outdoor. Ive even seen people have multiple layers of SCROG. So any luck on that Big Mack?

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Multiple layers of Scrogs is dumb and pointless Lol. Why would you need multiple points of horizontal stress?? Plus it creates multiple canopies.

I think you are right that a lower scrog will make the plant bigger. No one has the scrog as high as I do because it's literally wasteful.
Big Mack? I dont eat mcdonalds....

P.S Im doing some research and I might have my Scrog a tad too tall. I'm probably going to lower the scrog to around 1.5 Ft. or at least experiment with a few plants with a lower scrog.