Grease Monkey Tie Downs! {High Stress}

in #cannabis5 months ago (edited)

Today is watering day!
I woke up very early and started doing the rounds [pulling off bottom leaves, checking the plants health and color etc]. I got to the Grease Monkey and WOW has it exploded with veg growth! The plant is 3 feet already! **Time for some high stress training at this point, especially with how large and healthy this female is.

Almost my entire garden is covered in SCROG fencing ... so im just going to do a tie down on this plant [instead of putting up more fencing]. However, I am going to connect the tie downs to the scrog, creating the illusion [eventually] that the plant actually is scrogged [below].

Notice how I pulled the plant in 3 different directions, instead of just one direction. I am stressing the plat like this because:

  1. The stress with help the plant become large and healthy.
  2. The horizontal growth will bring light to secondary stems and leaves, creating more large, thick buds.

When the plant starts to flower, I will let the plant grow vertically towards the sky. Stay tuned because this plant will grow much larger! I will carefully defoliate the plant as it flowers and produce very large, healthy buds! Then we will harvest the buds when the tricromes are ready and dry/cure them. I'm expecting big things from this amazing Grease Monkey Pheno!