Grease Monkey.

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Hello there everyone! Are you having a blessed day and have you been gardening lately? Today I would like to re-introduce the Grease Monkey from my introduction post! [In short, all my plants this season are clones and because of when I bought them, they are planted a bit too soon. Therefore, they got a bit unhealthy and are just starting to bounce back.

This Grease Monkey pheno is looking excellent! It has really greened up since I topped it! I also did a Epsom salt feeding a week ago. That also made a huge difference! I had to tear down the tarp that I was using for shade because it's really starting to grow! [The fence by the plant is the edge of the garden]. In the background you can see Pine and Aspen trees [and a beautiful blue sky with low clouds].
You can see I am growing this Grease Monkey in a cinderblock. This is a good way to mark a plant that is in a weird spot that you might step on. You can also see that my soil is very healthy. I added extra worm castings and vermiculite to the soil around the Grease monkey this season.

The leaf in the lower middle is a Comfrey leaf. The plant on the right cinderblock is pole bean plants. The pink flowers in the background are chives [the thin, green onions people eat in potatoes].

This photograph of the Grease Monkey is a good summary of the garden. A guard area and strain marker for each plant ... cover crops near the plant ... companion vine plants that will grow up with the cannabis ... very healthy soil. The pole beans are looking a bit yellow. I will probably do another Epsom salt feeding in around a week. I hope all the #cannabis people are enjoying my plants! I have a few other plants that I havent photographed yet ... soon! They are looking much healthier already. [The 3 plants I have shown so far are the best phenos that reacted well to the outdoors].

Until next time!

P.S I am going to take off some of those bottom leaves now that I am reviewing the photograph. Also it's almost time to top again.


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