Giant Wedding Cake!

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I love how fast this plant is growing upwards. It's almost too tall ... but that is perfect for the scrog! If you look at the top of the picture, you can see black fencing [right above the top of the Wedding Cake plant]. This is part of the "scrog" which is a horizontal fence above the ground for stress training. This technique also helps space out the plant for optimal sun exposure!
Once the plant reaches the scrog [fencing] the fun really begins! At this point I will begin to train the plant into the fence in a horizontal direction! Then I will remove all the leaves that are UNDER the fence. This technique is called "lollipopping". The plant is almost ready to top again: So it will get even BIGGER before it even gets to the scrog fence! This excellent Wedding Cake phenotype will be a HUGE producer! Bigger than Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick combined.

Organic soil: Epsom salt, worm castings, wood hummus, compost and vermiculite.


She is coming along nicely man :)

Ive got 4 little wedding cakes going at the moment at about the same stage :) ! I will take some pics and do a WC post shortly..

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That’s right! Going to be a bigger summer then when Jaws was first released lol


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Good day mate, I am growing my own line of cannabis outdoors for the first time and
I never used a scrog before. So I wanted to ask, How high off the ground do you recommend setting up the scrog?

That's a really good question actually. I eyeballed it based off my past experience. I'll totally measure it for you tonight and post it here.

Awesome. Thank you! I don't have enough money to get me some metal mesh but I do have a huge roll of string. So I will be using that. How big should the square grid be? 4 inches by 4 inches enough?

Yeah mine is much smaller holes than it needs to be. 4 x 4 in will be fine. Metal fencing is so much easier though lol and you can use it over and over. How big is the total scrog going to be? It's like $30 for 150 feet Lol. You need 12 ft. per plant at most. Hope that helps. You can use string but it can be really annoying and string/twine can loosen up really easily.

Thanks for the additional info, i don't know how much because I just planted them a few days ago. i still don't know how many are going tonbe female or male.

You'll be surprised how many neat things one can find layimg around for free grabs in the junkyards here. I think I can find something useful for this.

As far as the string loosening, I am going to habe to be creative here. Maybe have them set up to where i easily adjust each string as they loosen. That's alot of knots...

Yeah I would NOT try to make a grid of knots Lol. If you are set on using string you should try and find a frame you can tie single lines into a grid. Something like a big wooden table frame for example.

Yea that is what I was thinking too.
I have palettes I can break down and use and more to spare.

Once I get to it I will post it up for all to see. Won't be much to show my garden is not even started yet in my eyes.

Thanks again for the advice!

No problem im doing research on scrog height right now. the average seems around 1/1.5 Ft and mine was actually a bit too tall.

You can use PVC pipes too for a grid to string across and you can make downward poles without nails or screws going out of the grid.

You can use PVC pipes too for a grid to string across and you can make downward poles without nails or screws going out of the grid.

this is a good example but the scrog is WAY too small so dont copy this dudes plant spacing.

want it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

You want to hold your cake and eat it too?! 😁🍰🌱