Florida Og!

in #cannabis6 months ago

My Florida Og clone wasn't doing well outdoors. It almost died. I never even transplanted the plant into the ground. However, I did NOT kill the plant! I fed the plant some magnesium and placed it into partial shade. I also recently cut all the dead leaves off. The past few days it has really started to take off!
I also added Worm castings and Vermiculite straight into the pot.

The other pots are all the strains that didn't do well outside. Soon, I will be moving this Florida Og Pheno out of the shitty plant area! It will get its own space and will be "scrogged" [stress trained] with the rest of the plants! I'm unsure if I should top it and I'm also unsure if I should transplant it. I might just leave it in this pot and let it grow a giant king nug!

I've never had Florida Og and I'm excited to see how it tastes and smells! 6/16/2021.


Isn’t that a parent of the real Og kush?

I have no idea Lol. I'm not breeding these clones.

If I remember correctly, as the legend goes Og kush has some genetics that hailed from Florida. Even if it isnt. Still a great plant you have :)

Thanks. I'm pretty sure its an indoor strain though. It looks good, but not compared to some of my other plants [that were placed outdoors at the same time].

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