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in cannabis •  last month 

Yep this guy hates the community. Talked crap about us all and the community.

He is upset that he didn't know how to water.

Masterbation specialist for his own growing experience.

Oh yeah?

How about this...IMG_20190911_162714182_HDR.jpgIMG_20190911_162721701_HDR.jpgIMG_20190901_105308836.jpg

Funny... He hasn't ever shown photos of things like this...


Oops... 33,000 plants and he is a masterbation specialist. I mean master grower ..

Love his flags. Yep. What a loser.

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All I see is a request for people to subscribe to jewtube. Have anotber upvote there fellow farmer. Keep growing as the food chain collapses.