Tracking cannabis strains on a block chain!

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Looks like some companies are going to merge cannabis and blockchain!!!

"Roughly speaking, the two types of cannabis-related companies that currently leverage blockchain technology are those:

-Using it for payment solutions and banking, such as retailers.
-Deploying it for seed-to-sale tracking and recordkeeping, such as growers.

Companies big and small are keen to combine blockchain and cannabis. Last November, for example, IBM urged the British Columbia government to use blockchain technology as a seed-to-sale tracking system for the Canadian province’s new recreational marijuana industry. Cannabium, a CBD retail company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, is using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to sell, buy and trade CBD products.

Some marijuana retailers are using or looking into using cryptocurrency-based ATM machines. And entrepreneurs are starting companies with the same intention. Small wonder: A potentially disruptive technology like blockchain offers alluring opportunities."

A video interview with a start up:

Cool article about another company going for it:

“The biotrace system provides seed-to-sale traceability for cannabis and hemp and uses Applied DNA’s unique, safe and persistent molecular tag for the identification of any biomass, extraction, isolate, derivative or cannabis packaging,” said CEO Jason Warnock

A white paper you can request to read that has more details about an example blockchain for cannabis:

Here's a few pics of my ladies today:

Thanks for dropping by and keep being freaky freakers!

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Great project!

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Yes! Awesome stuff!