Some Cannabis I am growing

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The Cannabis I'm growing


Recently, I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD stemming from childhood traumas involving being an orphan of a corrupt Las Vegas Cop.

Growing Cannabis, maintaining a garden and caretaking animals (and humans), is a big part of how I calm my mind and typically a great way for me to not get caught up in highly complex thought patterns.

I am growing some plants at this farm I built. While I am a few plants over the recreational limit, I will be getting a medical card for cannabis next week that will allow me to continue to grow the plants I have growing here.

"Here" is just outside of Las Vegas, NV. Currently, we are a few days away from summer and already we are experiencing a heatwave of record proportions. This week we have been having daytime highs of 115° F + with humidity around 5%.

A Little patch of cannabis


This patch of cannabis just popped in some rocks and clay soil. I had no idea where these came from but I'm rolling with it. They all showed female parts just before summer is starting here. Over the past few months, I have been top dressing the area with random composts(full of earthworms of course) and soils. Eventually, wild flowers were planted, as well as some cantaloupe, in the area. The cantaloupe isn't growing too well in the sun here though.

Luckily, these plants did not start budding and had a seamless transition into the vegetative cycle of the plant/year.

They seem to be sativa dom hybrids with a faint cheesy smell. Considering they started in compact clay soil, they are doing better than expected and starting to get comfortable in the top dressings I made here.

The center piece


I just did a post on this plant and how I trimmed it.

This plant started growing in the winter and then began budding in spring. Unfortunately, it couldn't finish budding so I trimmed off all the old buds and funky leaves.

It's funny but this plant is growing exactly in the middle of your main growing patch and not intentionally, at least on my part.

A random purple kush plant we harvested and allowed for it to come back.


This plant was a kushy plant that actually did finish. It wasn't anything to brag about but still was a cool harvest. It was just not an ideal time of year for it to bud( lack of light and freezing temps.

I'm glad this purple plant came back to life and i'm given the chance to grow her right!

A few of the Purple Hazes and Purple Tears F3 breed by Dirt Farmers Genetics in one gallon fabric pots using super soil from Buildasoil version 3.0.


Mostly due to financial constraints and prioritization of money towards other aspects of the project here, I have yet to transplant these girls. They are growing fine for now and I will give away a couple of these and probably just transplant the rest straight into the ground. I just haven't been too worried about it.

The purple hazes are growing great!

The Purple Tears F3 is just now bouncing back from going hard into flower. I just trimmed the old flower parts off and hopefully they will go into a vegetative state as hard as they went into flower. They are a strong indica and it's growing a bit short and stocky.

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The garden looks great man!
As someone who was also diagnosed with childhood trauma PTSD, I can relate to what you mean with gardening and other attentive activities. Playing guitar is pretty helpful for me as well, really anything that detracts from the obsessive thought patterns.

Keep up the great work, I will try to stop by more often as I'm getting active with posting again :)

Thanks man... The current heat wave is killing my leafy greens! Some tomato plants are not doing well but these cannabis plants are doing just fine🤔
Yeah i didnt even know PTSD can cause brain damage until i thought i became scihzophrenic or had some form of dementia hit all if a sudden back in Dec. Saw colors, extreme head preasure, started losing memory and the flashbacks were unreal well actually too real.
I figured it was stemming from old football head hits... But it was probably that and ptsd that caused it. Still i need mris to completely diagnose.
Neurofeedback helped the most but still i need more of that therapy.

It’s amazing that you can manage to grow anything in that environment! Are you doing this cannabis KNF?

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Anymore I try and use the term natural farming. The way I approach knf is like this... For outdoor regenerative systems where you dont have much money or resources than natural farming is a great tool.
I focused heavy during the fall and winter with natural farming but now all i am doing is a biweekly treatment of maintanace solution (ohn, ffj, and living vinegar.
Anymore I'm doing very little and focusing primarily on feeding the earthworms although I have applied some blood meal and azomite. I did a couple of treatments of fish amino acids that I fermented but I'm all out! thanks for stopping by duder

Cool! Looking forward to more updates on this dessert grow :)

Your cannabis plants look great!

The companion plants make a huge difference. I always grow vegetables herbs etc near the cannabis! Why do you use hay? Lots of bugs?


Thanks! Its mostly for water retention, keeping the sun off the soil, various other reasons but yes the straw as a mulch helps provide an environment where predatory bugs can eat unwanted bugs, habitat for earthworms and keeps flies at bay. Thanks for stopping by!

Keeps the sun off the soil?? I've never heard of that Lol. I have some research to do that sounds like something I should be aware of.

We have completely different kind of soils in completely different environments. Do what works best for you!

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