Transplanting Steem OG seedlings into new soil!

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Let's transplant these crowded little cannabis plants into their own pots! But first, fresh organic soil...


[ For a full soil recipe, read this great post from last year, where I used a different word for "poop" 10 times in the same article and nobody seemed to notice! ]

As I mentioned recently, it was time for a transplant! First, to decide which of the 8 plants go on to the next round, so to speak.


That's M4, one of the remaining MKultra seedlings. I didn't like the look of the leaves, and although the plant overall was pretty healthy in every other way, it got composted. I don't mind getting rid of weaker specimens. I have very little room here over the winter, and had enough seeds to start a few extra, so the inferior individuals need to be yanked.


Cannabis can be produced for nearly no cost, by growers of almost every skill level, with items found around most homes. That's a central theme to my ongoing "Soil to Oil" series.

So far this crop, I've used a few paper towels, a piece of tape, 2 old plastic cups, 10 coffee filters, and some old potting mix from doing tomatoes last summer. I finally splurged and bought some worm castings (poop) from a local garden shop. I had to get the smaller bag (since I was on foot), so it's possible to get them for cheaper in bulk, but $5 wasn't too bad.



That will provide all the nutrients they need for the first half of their lives! Adding chemical fertilizers is not only potentially dangerous, and changes the taste of the bud produced, but it's completely unnecessary! All cannabis plants need is a small amount of poop (dirt), light, water, and air. I've demonstrated that myself, multiple times now on this blockchain, so it's not just theory!

Thanks for following along, as I do it yet again.

So far, I've spent less than $6, and have turned 10 seeds into 8 healthy organic seedlings in under 2 1/2 weeks. That's impressive, even if I have to say so myself. ; )


I often use coffee filters (unbleached is best) in the bottom of my cups. They're cheap, organic, and slow soil and water from coming out the holes. Keeps things a bit more tidy for us indoor gardeners on tiny budgets.

The cups are the rejects of the rejects of the rejects from my late grandfather's awesome selection. Long and painful story, let's not get into it. In any case, just about any cups/pots will do, and if they don't have drainage you can poke a few holes in the bottom yourself. Plastic tends to be pretty good for indoor plants, and repurposing a container used for something else is always good. Get creative - they don't have to pretty or matching!


That's some more of the starter potting mix, run through a pasta strainer to remove big clumps and sticks. It has almost no nutrition, but it was enough to get the seedlings to this point! Now, we need some of it for aeration and drainage.


On top of that, I dumped the worm castings. They're odorless, clean, natural, organic, and loaded with all the nutrients plants need, at just the right pH for cannabis. The perfect nutrient source for growing medicine.

It has become tradition to get a shot of the diatomaceous earth (insect prevention) being added to resemble a STEEM-ing pile of worm crap:


In go the seedlings

Here's one of the MKUltra seedlings, mid-transfer. Good lateral root development so far, minimal damage from the transplant process.


I filled up my cups with the soil mix, prepared holes nearly to the bottom, and slipped in each seedling.


After filling in the holes with the extra soil mix, watering, and returning the seedlings to the garden:


3 MKUltra and 5 Steem OG seedlings, ready to thrive in their little indoor medicine patch! While outside, at this very moment, here's the scene:

BIG love and respect to all the medicine growers out there! Thank you for what you do! Also, lots of appreciation to the fans, supporters, patients, and anyone who loves good clean cannabis!

Grow in peace,

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This is such an awesome post. Home grown cannabis culture is so often soooo consumeristic, with people blowing so much money on growing medium and liquid fertilizers. Love your ongoing Steem logo visual gag, the Steem OG is a true blockchain warrior :) BTW love the little gif of the cold and snow outside, we got about the same amount of snow it looks like here in Utah.


@tipu curate

I appreciate that and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Agreed for sure... such a huge focus on products and brands. I'm not saying that's always a bad way to go, but I'd love it if more people knew that it's absolutely not necessary. And when we continue to run into problems with people using even organic stuff like neem and myclobutanil, causing what we now know as the "vaping crisis", it's clear that truly organic growing has its advantages.

Maybe I'll only end up with half the cannabis somebody using mega fertilizers would get, but it's heavenly stuff, I assure you. Anyone who tastes what I've grown (including seasoned weed users in the Vancouver scene) is impressed. When I get compliments, I know it's because of good genetics and a good grower, not because of products used :)
Last time (only time) I was in UT, I was a kid, and we tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk. It seemed to kinda work.

Thanks for the kind words about Steem Og. Never did I think it would go this far. But yet here it is still on the block Chain, thriving!

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Right after a transplant is never the best time for photos, but they still look pretty good. This should be an exciting crop to watch grow out on the blockchain!
Resteemed to my hemptastic followers <3

@Drutter is shitposting again!

You do seem to have a good working system for getting your plants going.
I'm not growing anything right now because I don't really have the space in the house, and I've got about 5 more months of winter before the greenhouse will start to be useful again.

Love to read these grow reports. It's sort of like watching children grow up. The better care they get, the better they do in life (and the process doesn't have to use complicated products). You can't beat worm castings to augment your mix- get a worm composter bin and you can make your own with your scraps.

here is some !BEER to wash down from your hard work. Worm poop for the win, lol

Ahhhhh! I love a good belch in the evening, thanks bro :D

Steem Og for the win!

Danks again, buds! The genetics live on, to medicate and elevate another day!

I cannot deny that this publication surprises me. I'm really not interested in transplanting cannabis (I don't grow cannabis) but the information is very good. Greeting @drutter

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Hello Hello!

Interesting ... I learned something new by reading your post, it's nice to know all kinds of knowledge

Greetings from Venezuela

Hey @drutter, here is a little bit of BEER from @jonyoudyer for you. Enjoy it!

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