Mainstream media caught LYING to public about "Vaping Crisis"!

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36 have died and hundreds have lung damage from vape pens and/or e-cigs. The culprit: Myclobutanil, a widely-used agricultural fungicide. It's safe on produce for eating raw, but when heated, forms Hydrogen Cyanide and dissolves lung tissue. For that reason, it can never be used on tobacco or cannabis, but unfortunately (mainly due to lack of education on this topic) many growers are still doing so, and people are dying.

A month ago, the media announced the common denominator had been found: Myclobutanil. This means the illness has NOTHING to do with:

  • legality/illegality
  • vaping/smoking
  • cannabis/marijuana/THC
  • tobacco/nicotine

The ONLY danger that has been identified is Myclobutanil, a banned fungicide that should never be used on plants for smoking or vaporizing. My full report on that is here, but it appears the public (and the media) have already forgotten that the mystery was solved!

Today on CNN: "Deaths linked to vaping often involved THC products, not nicotine"

Many people skim news headlines. Anyone seeing that may assume cannabis is the culprit. They may go on vaping e-cigs because, hey, it's not cannabis! And they may inhale Myclobutanil, and they may add to the death-toll of 36.

Within the article, they reveal that among the deaths, 37% reported vaping only nicotine and 63% reported vaping only cannabis. That makes the headline ("not nicotine") incredibly misleading, perhaps even an outright lie. Barely more than half the deaths were from something in the cannabis vapes! Almost half the deaths were from something in the tobacco vapes!

"The data continue to point towards THC-containing products," said Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC today. "I'd like to stress that we don't know what the risky material or substance is."

That's false, since the analysis initiated by NBCNews a month ago showed without a doubt that Myclobutanil was the only substance found in all the samples. And Myclobutanil's effects are known to be EXACTLY what we're seeing in this "mystery vaping illness". Is Dr. Schuchat lying, or is she exceedingly ignorant of reality?

She then finishes off with an extremely nonsensical statement: "THC may be a marker for a way that cartridges were prepared or way that the devices are producing harm."

It's Myclobutanil, stupid!

Please make sure you pass this information on. You could help stop the death toll from Myclobutanil by spreading awareness of the facts. The media, deep state, big tobacco, big pharma, etc will continue to lie to us, to keep this narrative going for their own benefit, even though the mystery was solved a month ago!


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Don't worry it's not nicotine, it's just illegal THC aka dabs loool riiight. We'll be telling people far and wide what the "vaping crisis" really is: myclobutanil!

"THC may be a marker for a way that cartridges were prepared or way that the devices are producing harm." very dery derrison, terry taison herpt the clipt! LOL!

Verrry, varay derrison.
one of those things that you shouldnt laugh at but wouldnt be human if you didnt.

Thanks for exposing this bullshit, @Drutter. I'm already annoyed at the people who are going to parrot this crap like they know what they're talking about and they haven't even read the article....but the article is bad enough. Gotta love very opinionated but barely conscious headline readers...ugh!

Thanks for staying on top of this issue. This is currently the best and most up-to-date report on the vaping crisis! Upvoted and resteemed for visibility.

You could tell from the start of this fishy "vaping crisis" that something was up. I'm not surprised they're pretending it's not over, and that we don't know what causes it. Obviously they have a massive agenda, and the truth isn't going to be allowed to get in the way of it.

The ONLY danger that has been identified is Myclobutanil

Why do you say that when the article you link to clearly also implicates Vitamin E acetate (a solvent), and doesn't even address the cause of the non-THC vaping cases. Do you think myclobutanil is responsible for the nicotine vape-related cases as well? If so, why?

NBC's vape cartridge testing is anecdotal, not scientific. They did not source cartridges that are directly associated with the cases the CDC is tracking. The sample size is also too small to make any definitive claims about anything. At best their tests suggest that black market vape cartridges can be dangerous, but because we do not know exactly how or where they sourced these cartridges even that is tenuous (they only tested 3 cartridges from legal dispensaries and who knows where they bought the illegal ones).

[....]it appears the public (and the media) have already forgotten that the mystery was solved!

It seems very far from solved.

Why hasn't Myclobutanil been mentioned by the CDC, even though NBC's lab results showed a month ago that it is in EVERY suspect sample?

"We have no idea what's causing this! But it's probably lack of government control, or THC, or vaporization. People should return to smoking, and stay away from cannabis, and only use government products." - CDC

  1. Canada had a vaping crisis which was identical (except smaller of course) back in 2015. The culprit was Myclobutanil.
  2. Myclobutanil's effects are EXACTLY the effects being seen in the current American vaping crisis.
  3. Myclobutanil was found in 10 of 10 tainted samples by the NBC lab tests.

Anyone pretending "we don't know what's causing this for sure" is suspect.

Especially anyone adding "the public should avoid cannabis products, vaporizers, and anything not legalized and regulated".

This crisis has been brought to you by: Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

I hate to give government agencies the benefit of the doubt, but perhaps its because they have not identified myclobutanil as the cause of the problem (yet). The CDC and the FDA say their investigation is in progress. Here is what they claim they are currently doing:

Laboratory Testing:

  • CDC and FDA are expanding the range of available laboratory testing.
  • CDC is currently testing bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples, as well as blood or urine samples paired to BAL fluid samples.
  • CDC is testing pathologic specimens, including lung biopsy or autopsy specimens, associated with patients.
  • CDC is offering aerosol emission testing of case-associated product samples from e-cigarette, or vaping, products and e-liquids. Analysis of aerosol emissions will augment FDA’s ongoing work to characterize e-liquid and will improve our understanding of exposure among case-patients associated with the Lung Injury outbreak. CDC is coordinating e-cigarette, or vaping, product analysis with FDA.
  • Results may provide insight into the nature of the chemical exposure(s) contributing to this outbreak

You say that the CDC is telling people to only use government products, but that is incorrect. They recommend people stop vaping entirely, regardless of whether the vape product is legal or illegal.

CDC recommends that you do not use e-cigarette, or vaping, products that contain THC.
Since the specific compound or ingredient causing lung injury are not yet known, the only way to assure that you are not at risk while the investigation continues is to consider refraining from use of all e-cigarette, or vaping, products (see link above).

The information coming out from both the government and the media is confusing and not particularly helpful.

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