Jarring up some sticky Reclining Buddha

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After hanging 5 or 6 days in a dark closet, my fluffy organic indoor cannabis buds are ready to cure in glass jars! They're sparkly, sticky, and smelly... a good sign of things to come : )

At this stage, I don't remove the 'sugar leaves' (tender green growth near the buds and covered in trichomes). They can cure with the bud, and then either be removed to make edibles/topicals, or smoked.

Normally, most of us don't smoke a lot of leaf. And personally, I'm very picky when it comes to what I smoke, if I smoke at all. But leaf grown 200% organically (nothing except light, air, water, and organic soil) and cured properly is smoother than most bud you can buy. It's like candy. You don't even feel the smoke in your throat... but you definitely feel it in your head.

Sticky scissors! The smell is like gasoline, skunk, and pepper. There's also a "wet grass" smell that will fade as the bud cures, usually replaced with a hint of sweet fruit.

It will continue to lose some of the green colour. How I understand it is beneficial bacteria are eating the chlorophyll and sugars, breaking it down to simpler molecules. This makes the bud smoother and helps mature the cannabinoids and terpenes. Once the bud becomes dry, the bacteria die, and curing stops. My strategy with curing is to dry as slowly as possible without getting mold. If you dry too fast, you won't get much of a cure. If you dry too slowly, you risk getting mold in your bud. Personally, the bud I grow tends to be 'fluffy', so it dries fairly easily, and I rarely have to worry about mold.

I'll get some better closeups once it's cured, but that picture gives you a general idea.

Yield was decent. I only had 3 females (out of 10 seeds) this time, but I'm happy with the bud curing in these 2 little jars. Pretty much worth its weight in gold, not that I'd sell it. I've been to a lot of dispensaries (dozens in Vancouver's underground cannabis market over the years), and often asked to see their best bud. I've seen a lot of big buds. I've also seen plants with huge yields. Big buds and big plants are impressive and cool, no doubt. But gram for gram, the best weed I've ever seen or experienced? The fire that comes from my own little medicine patch.

Here's one of my favourite plants, a Steem OG called "Ace" I grew a couple years ago:

For now, my 3 plants are jarred up, and my little garden spot is being cleaned and prepped for another crop. I believe I'm going to grow some feminized Steem OG seeds I produced myself last year. That way, I know the genetics are good, and I know I'll get enough females to fill my garden.

Stay tuned for that, as well as final photos of these Reclining Budda buds!

Grow in peace.


Great job bro!

I think you have some insanely good cannabis curing right now.
I love the organic process you used and the bud even has this clean crisp appearance to it that I imagine can only be achieved with growing this way.

Pretty much worth its weight in gold, not that I'd sell it.

This is my mentality exactly when it comes to my home grown cannabis. You could not pay me to sell it, if that even makes sense :P (unless perhaps I was growing more than I could consume..)

I hope to try your home grown cannabis one day.

No one has ever tried mine, and I'm on a mission to have someone try my stuff on the upcoming yields.

Also, I've never tried this method of leaving the sugar leaves completely during drying and curing. I am going to give it a shot, because I trust your methods and experience and believe I will get some amazing results by trying some of your techniques.

Thanks for the amazing update! :)

Thank you my brother! I agree, learning by doing - and watching others - really works well. I'm a hands on learner, and enjoy repeating something and getting better each time I do, refining techniques, experimenting and working out what's best. But I also value the experience and knowledge provided by others like myself, who share what they're doing, and what has worked and what has not. I've learned from you, and many others. I'm very happy to know something I do might be worth trying out. In this way, we're all improving our game, not just simply following a formula.

I would like to think the future is bright, and there will be chances for us to join forces, share some homegrown bud, enjoy each other's company. It's shameful that in 2021 that isn't a possibility except for perhaps the very rich and connected. I want to live in a world where travel is allowed, and affordable! I also have to imagine that we will be free to pursue health and happiness, rights guaranteed in our Charter and Constitution, but sadly not being observed today.

Grow in peace : )

Mmm so much jarring and canning going on right now....abundance and harvest! You dried that stuff so well I smelled the hay smell even before they went into jar, wow! Curing is a real art, I dunno if I could master that.

You're smart and creative @Medikatie, you wouldn't have much trouble!
Hmmm Hive is buggy/slow for me today..

That's a really cool jar! That way you mix up the oregano, or other spices when your cooking lol. Nice work.

Woops! Was that basil, or weed? Oh well, should be tasty either way ; D

Looking really yummy! :) Very interesting, how you explained the whole process... !LUV !PIZZA

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Really really sticky. goddamnit

Sticky sticky.

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Stickier than pancake syrup lube!

That's classy you know.🔥🔥

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Stinky, sticky, and stimulating!

Haha.😂 Yeah, That's right.

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dope 420jar too

Friend they look delicious! I hope you enjoy them!🌱💚😄

Thanks! I wish I could share : ) They will be ready to test in a few more days. They smell wonderful as they cure.

Wow how rich! If you are in Uruguay you can invite me! hahahaha And here I have some Confidential Medicine to treat!!

Hahah, okay! If you and your partner are free tonight, I will teleport to Uruguay with a jar of this flower... you can see if it compares to the buds grown locally. Maybe you can trade me some delicious avocados or something from your lovely country : )
Have a nice Sunday.

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