"Alternate Media" and "Anarchists" supporting the State's FAKE Cannabis Legalization!?

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Dan Dicks of 'Press for Truth' (another BC-based alternative media channel) just made it clear he sides with the government's "legalization" of cannabis, not the people or free market, in an interview uploaded today.

I've never known Dan to be totally corrupt before. Surely, he knows what he's doing here is wrong, and you can hear him try to steer the conversation back toward something his libertarian supporters would be able to stomach. It didn't work, and he should never have aired this clip. Bad judgment call? Paid/compensated? You decide.

Here's my YouTube comment to Dan:

It was depressing to listen to this corporate whore's speech about cannabis as medicine. She clearly knows less about it than the average Canadian cannabis activist I've met over the past 10 years. Very shameful lack of knowledge. She knows more than the layman, but not by much, and some of what she's saying is flat out wrong. Horrible.

Dan, it gets worse.

You're supporting and advocating the legalized cannabis regime, the very regime that pays to put peaceful cannabis growers like your friend Chad (Grassroots Medicinal) out of business, stealing his family home, and leaving thousands of patients with no safe source of medicine! She even admits at 6:00 that her company is going to make more money now that there is less competition from the free market! WOW! Can't get any clearer admission of guilt than that!

"It's Cannabis 2.0!" Gag.

"It's all about marketing." Gag.

"Well it's fully LEGAL now in Canada." (Dodging the question about decriminalization, which is what we SHOULD have demanded from Trudeau.) She's fully entrenched and paid for by the legal regime. Thousands of innocent peaceful Canadians are in prison, and thousands more going every year, because of this LEGAL regime! You're helping her put peaceful activists and gardeners in prison, to enrich her company, Dan!

"Enormous new tax possibilities. It really helps grow the State's budget." Gag.

And "legalizing" shrooms in the same way cannabis is being legalized is a DISASTER! Giving shrooms to big pharma and the prison industrial complex to regulate, are you insane? We MUST oppose legalization in all forms, and demand decriminalization, which is real freedom.

I just lost all respect for you Dan, after supporting you for nearly 10 years! Whether or not you were paid for this legalized infomercial, the harm you're doing to your viewers and to liberty is huge. You know better, which is why I'm not going to let you try the ignorance card. You know damn right what you're doing here, and it's disgusting for someone who says he's on the side of the people.

There's no way to support the legal cannabis regime and have any integrity as an activist. You no longer have the respect or support of the Canadian cannabis activist community, Dan, and that's something which is hard to earn back.

If anyone wants to understand cannabis legalization from an activist who has been involved the whole way through (hands on grassroots Vancouver street activism), check out my documentary "Cannabis Legalization is a LIE" (2019), available on 3Speak, Steemit, Bitcute, LBRY, and other decentralized video platforms. I invited Dan to be part of it and to cover the story himself, get him the inside scoop, but he continued to find ways to avoid it. We ran a 420 farmers market in downtown Vancouver for 2.5 years, selling and giving away high dose cannabis edibles, extracts, dabs, and topicals to the public. There were no problems, in all that time, except with prohibition (cops and city workers trying to hand out tickets or put us in cages). The public loved it, it was peaceful, nobody got sick, many people's lives were saved, including children with epilepsy from far away, whose parents would make the trip weekly to get the only safe cannabis in high dose edibles that were available. Finally, Trudeau sent armed cops to violently steal our medicine and throw us in jail for doing exactly what THEY are doing - selling cannabis.

Legalization is a lie. Cannabis isn't dangerous and doesn't need regulation. It needs education and research, not taxation and control. People are being hurt and killed by this legalized corporate monopoly. Those whose support legalization support large powerful government, and sweeping new police powers. We should be supporting the activists and patients! Power to the people and the plant, not the corporations and state!

Shameful, just shameful. And it was only last week we saw another icon of the alternate media world, Jeff Berwick (the Dollar/Crypto Vigilante, Anarchopulco, etc) do essentially the same thing - cozy up to a legalized industry insider and show mad support for the government and law enforcement! And he calls himself an anarchist, but goes crawling to his rulers for permission forms - to grow and sell plants? Disgusting!

What's wrong with these beacons of truth and freedom in the alternate media? Have they all lost their minds? Or have they sold out to the system? If it's the latter, can we trust their news reports or other content anymore? I certainly can't!

Take it from somebody who has been at the heart of the issue from day one, covering it from within, documenting every step honestly, and never selling out to the corporations or government: LEGALIZATION IS A LIE!



2021 Update: He's at it again!


That's about as nasty as Dana Larson getting into the magic mushroom industry to help people and the public eating it up thinking he's such a saint for it. Especially after cannabis legalisation has proven to be far more sinister than a failure, if people actually think psilocybin legalisation (instead of decriminalisation) will work or be a good thing for the people, they haven't already done enough mushrooms. And they never will because they'll only ever find government mushrooms. I don't know what the stoners' excuses were for accepting legalisation, maybe they lost their roots.

He couldn't be bothered to report on the Vancouver 420 Farmers Market, even though he was local and it was one of the most useful and interesting things happening in the cannabis communnity and for political activism. But he covers this bullshit. Shame on Dan.

We've got a problem with sellouts and shills in the "alternative media" and "truther" community, uh oh!

Dude look at his comments on steem. Last one was 6 months ago! Clearly he is just in this for the money. I cant say i really watched his content, but i sure as hell wont watch any in the future.

Yeah, he's just cross posting here for the money, never interacts or upvotes anyone (except himself of course). Dan had some good content but if he's selling out to big pharma and govt then I can get my truth news elsewhere.

Schills, sell-outs, prohibition apologists, and just low quality people with no critical thought or shred of integrity, everywhere. Almost anybody mainstream is full of shit and not worth paying attention to anymore. The people you really need to hear from are hard to find: they're not rich or famous or maybe even doing too well right now.

Words that make me sick and wana break shit: the industry, consultants, licensed producers, caps, insider, and any other ridiculous fucking titles and degress and college courses. I pity the idiot that goes into debt to go to college to double major in Women's studies and cannabis shmoozing...just kidding, it's us I pity in that case.

He often makes it clear which side he's on!

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Unfortunately I feel 'legalization' has simply come down to "follow the money" always has, always will. Too many willing to sell their souls and happily f*ck the people.

Bookmarking this for a resteem in a coupledays.

Mucho appreciado, guys. Thanks for helping me spread the news about fake legalization!

Also glad to support our true Steemians. Steem is the perfect place for cannabis.

Yeah, Steem is a great place to post about cannabis. In the future, hopefully it will become popular, and our posts will be seen by the masses, not just other content-creators and spambots :D

You simply can't imagine what's happening in germany.. we had "medical legalization". But you can't get any medical help.. at least not if it's about canna..

We got medicinal cannabis back in 2001 here in Canada, and that's when most of the real problems began.

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