Time to trim some massive buds

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Gonna be busy for the next few hours trimming these massive buds off my bubblegum plant. It spent about 36 hours in the dark tent and it is crazy how much that helped to fatten up the buds and make them super frosty with trichomes.


I can’t wait to dry these out and then give h tho em their final trim in about 5-7 days so I can figure out how much these all weigh. My first guess is that they are close to 70 grams or so once they are dried.

Ive got a few things in the mail for my next seeds so I can keep trying new things to increase the quality of my cannabis. Now for some tunes and trimming. Most people hate this part, but I really enjoy trimming and making the buds look awesome.

What is your least favorite part of growing cannabis? I think mine would be curing, just because it takes so long and the bud is right there in your face every time you burp the jars but it isn’t ready yet.


Nice, they look good, I hate curing as well. The easiest step to ruin all that hard work with.

Ya. It is one of the most crucial as well. It is like aging a fine wine.



I have gotten pretty fast at it. It only took me about 30 mins to get these done. I will finish trimming them in a few days ones they are dry and I will give them their final shaping.

Do you use your trimmings for hash or other products? If not you should consider that. You should even make some hash out of the flowers 😉

I am not a fan of hash, but I have been looking at the different options for making concentrates using hydraulic presses.

Concentrates are also nice. Keep us up to date on your projects.

So cool! I've always wondered about the process of growing cannabis. I love that you share it! Those buds look delicious, also! I would probably hate curing as well haha. I'm the most patient impatient person, lmao, but it's still hard to wait for things I'm excited about.

I will have to have you over one day to learn to trim. It is pretty fun.

That would be pretty cool bro. It would be fun.

in our area cannabis leaves have not been legalized but there are still many who grow it because it tastes amazingly good

That sucks, hopefully soon it will be legalized for you.

Cool post. Certainly not starting this hobby here in Thailand! hahaha

But I do wish I could. Looks like fun and you end up with plenty of herb too. Very nice.

For what will you use them?

Smoking them. Probably make some infused butters and oils as well.