Went shopping for some flavours!

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Hi everyone!

Just came back from visiting a friend in good old amsterdam, and these is whatt i got ;) they smell amazing!! I have to say the OG18 stinks a bit more!

wich one would you try first??
drop a quick coment below


nothing like a spliff and some pte gaming 😎

(gotta say the strawberry sour diesel tasted nothing like strawberry hahahaha)


Is this a trick question?

I pick the strain that is Hash 🤣

Yeah forgot to mention that! Great ash btw, love to make mixed spliffs so i always enjoy having a bit of hash to male some now and then 😎
I also mix weeds 😅😎

I love mixing strains. It's like a terpene overload. Remember being a kid and mixing a bunch of fountain sodas? 🤣

For me its the new flavours you get!

Looks yummy - enjoy!

the master kush is hasj lol
I would go for the shoreline new to me
btw spreek je gewoon nederlands?

hahaha nei nei, my dutch is very limited yet, its like! lekker moi and not much more!

but i will learn! trust me i will learn 😎

i ended up trying the strawberry one, but already going for the the og10, the smell, i could resist!

where you from if I my ask?

Hi, im originally from portugal! And you bro?
Thanks for the upvotes! Much aprecciated 👌

im dutch


I remember when they came out with Og18. Since the real Og kush was a clone only strain, I hear the 18 is as close to the original as anything else out there

i dont know about that, but its amazing im getting more tomorrow :)
just the og18

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