Purple punch

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Hello guys. Thought I’d stop by and say hi. This is a picture of a flower from my medical grow. This is my favorite all natural medicine grown by me. I’m trying and learning new stuff all the time. This purple punch cross is day 54 from 12/12 flip. Gelato #41x dosidos#55 clone I posted is doing good and flower pictures will be taken soon. I’ve got a bunch of new seeds to pop and will be hunting thru them soon. This plant was grown in 5 gallon pot in soil with organic fertilizer and supplements. Have a good day everyone and happy growing


A proposito de tu foto de Instagram de hoy... @elbuencultivador mira, esas hojas se queman coladas jajaja

Beautiful bud!

Just getting started

On your mark. Get Set. GROW!!!

wauw looks good

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Thank you.

Even the leaves are smoke able! Very nice.

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Thanks. Happy growing

Jaw dropping. She’s going to be frosty.

Starting to get there.

What I love about cannabis growing is that it's like fine wine - there are so many nuances and tricks to it. It's not like 'plant a seed' and that's it - it's really complicated!

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Growing is fun and I love the challenge

Super frosty. Looks awesome

Thank you. I’m starting to have fun.

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Purple Punch is one of my favorite evening smoke. Would love to get my hands on this. I don't recall if you had this at the Canna fest, buy I do recall your flower being some of the best there!

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Beautiful plant. I want a flower ..


Thanks for checking it out

Do I get a flower? Lol