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Hello all. This is a platinum plant grown in soil by me. Day 54 from 12-12 flip to dark. How’s everyone doing? I’ve had a couple say I should post, so thought I would try. I’ve been growing medical cannabis for 10 years. I think everyone should grow there own if they can. It’s a fun adventure. Any questions or ways I can help Others with there grow I’m always glad to help. If your interested in growing I do a YouTube steam every Sunday and try and do my best. Peace ✌️
Happy growing


What a frosty beauty! Thanks for offering your expertise I see questions and requests for advice regularly with growing so I am sure the community will very much appreciate your help!

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I think your trim is gonna be frostier than the weed I have right now 😂👍

Looks nice and fire, I swear I heard of you before

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Thanks man. I’m hoping people think my stuff is cool. Cheers

Lots of great growers on that show. Can’t wait for the day that much more are here dropping there step by step grows that we can all follow.

Looks good. If they ever legalize here in NY state I'd like to try my hand at growing a plant or two for personal use. How long does it take to get a full grown plant for harvest?

12-16 weeks

Still in awe when I see your flowers. If only if I brought back that quarter last year! lol

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