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Hello all. I’m a medical cannabis card holder for ten years now. I enjoy growing my own medicine and encourage others to do so. I’m decent at it and try and help others in there gardens. On YouTube I do a grow show every Sunday from 4-6 pacific time live. On Instagram I’m Noahtheegrowa. Anyone with any questions you can comment on one of my posts here or there.
This is a dosidos #55 plant grown in soil by me. Day 56 from 12-12 flip. I’m going to do a pheno hunt of a bunch seeds a few breeders have sent me
Happy growing


Nice grow. Remember when you thought was still illegal? Hahaha!

So glad you are such an accomplished grower. Killer job.

Thanks man

Kick it in the ass and stake up that weedcash homie.

I think it's fantastic that you grow your own medicine, and such a powerful medicine at that. It's a real key to a resilient life. Much love. @riverflows.

Do you have to have the medical card to grow, or can you legally grow in Washington without it?

Nope you have to have a card. I’ve been a wmmp card holder for over ten years now

Hey link a post to the youtube channel so we can all follow you too!

absolutely beautiful! Love the colors, great shot too.


Thanks man. Glad you like it

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Isn't this pretty? "yummy enough to eat", I say!

Thank you for checking it out

I always smoked then for a time I stopped cause of kids and only did it recreationally around friends after, then 3 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, arthritis, and many more causing me to become disabled. The doctors tried to put me on opiates and other drugs to help but not correct any of my issues, I had a problem with the amount that they were trying to make me take which gave me ulcers and messed up my digestive track and other stuff... not to mention all the horrible side effects and an addiction that I felt I was on the edge of. So one day I threw it all away and told the doctors I would just smoke my weed and take over the counter stuff for other symptoms, I use cbd oil with a small amount of thc and I smoke (preferably medical grade)

Hey man are you picking that bud with your big toe lol