Hello all

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This a flower. I grew it, still growing. Day 52 Tropicana punch. I like it. Keep growing
If you have any questions about growing, hit me up. Also a regular purple punch plant



Lmao this is a plant I grew it


looks beautiful keep it up

Thank you

So last post you said something about always flush. Are you talking about the “rinse” you always talked about, or do you now flush in the classical since?

I’ve been kinda mixing it up. Flush, rinse
Rinse rinse. Flush. Or get lazy and just rinse lol

Yeah flushing aitn easy lol. I just have been rinsing for the past 2-3 weeks lol. Keep saying im going to harvest, but everything is drying so good in dry room, I can make the room.

Growing is fun. Keep growing your gardens looking nice man

Thanks dude, I owe many people thanks for help along the way, including yourself!


Thanks man. Seeing a couple peeps liking it Is encouraging

Frosty chocolate milkshakes! 😁

I like, very nice.


nice. love when has a lot of resin

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